2023 Resolutions

It is that time of the year again, the time for planning and hoping that 2023 will be full of accomplishments. I will not look back on what I was expecting for 2022. It’s pointless. The year was great in so many ways and terrible in others. I can say it was balanced in a weird way. I have high expectations in 2023. I know the year will be difficult, with a lot of challenges, but I hope to stick to my resolutions this time.

Bookish Resolutions

1. Be consisten in posting : for the last days of 2022, I’ve managed to post daily and I hope to keep this up in the next year.
2. Be more involved in the community: I have not been the best person at attending on line bookish events or book clubs, but I intend to change that effective immediately.
3. Be more active on Instagram: so far, I’ve been posting often enough and even shared some stories. I hope you’ll like my photos and follow me there 🙂
4. Be organized: I have tried to keep my books in order using Goodreads but it didn’t work for me. So I’ve switched to excel. It’s more familiar to me, as I am using it at work and it will help me generate some statistics.
5. Grow my beta reading activities: I want my blog to sustain itself financially and hopefully beta reading will do just that.
6. Diversify my articles: so far, I am posting a lot of book reviews. I like my reviews and I hope you like them as well, but I do want to add something else, to promote the authors in more ways than just a review.
7. Achieve my Goodreads reading challenge: I failed miserably this year. I will not allow this to happen in 2023!

Non-Bookish Resolutions

1. Keep the negative emotions away: I do not want to be upset because of things that I cannot control. This year I lost too much time disliking people and creating more negative feelings myself. I need to stop that. Life sucks sometimes and it’s allright. No need to make the things worse…
2. Clean up my act: I’ve been all over the place, physically and mentally. I need to stay in one spot and rebuild my solid ground. It will be difficult, but it has to be done.
3. Find my balance: I have a more than 9 hours job, I have a blog and I want a sewing business. There has to be a balance, otherwise I won’t get stuff done. There has to be a mental balance.
4. Exercise: so far I have been the worst at this, but it has to change. I did it for a short while and it made me feel good, felt good about myself. In the last 2-3 weeks I kept finding excuses not to exercise. Well… something else that has to change.
5. Grow my sewing experience (after steps 2 and 3 are completed) : I still have a lot to learn. I need time to practice and I need to let my inspiration run free.
6. De-clutter: I have so much stuff that I do not need or use, starting with clothes, books and unused notebooks. I need to make some breathing space in my closet, in my shelves and in my life in general.
7. Finish outstanding projects: my sewing space is filled with projects that I did not finish. This is linked to item no. 6, but it also means that if I start a sewing project, I MUST to finish it.
8. Maybe start a Youtube channel: I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I am not sure yet, but it is on the list somewhere.
9. Do more charity: I keep saying that “when I will have my own business, I will donate a lot!”. Why wait? I can do so much already. I know how to sew, I know how to crochet, let’s start there!

Judging by the number of non-bookish resolutions, it seems I have more work to do on the personal side of things. I know for a fact that 2023 will not be an easy year. It will start with challenges and with tough decisions. But all things will fall into place like puzzle pieces. There is order even in chaos, so there is always a weird order in life as well.

In a world that gets messier and uglier, with conflicts, political interests and natural disasters, be organized, be kind hearted, be patient and helpful. Be healthy and stay positive. Love and be loved. Have a beautiful 2023 and may you accomplish all your resolutions and more!

Merry Bookish Christmas!

I hope you’re having a great holiday! If you’re not celebrating or if you’re not feeling festive, at least get a cup of something delicious and a great book (or movie) and relax. Let the joy, the warmth and peace embrace you 😊

Every time during the se days I start planning. Not all my plans end up in practice, or end up being solid in general. But the nice thing is that I am hopeful and more optimistic than ever. So plan something good, start writing your resolutions for the new year and be confident in your dreams and desires.

May the magic of Christmas (whether you believe in it or not) accompany you and your loved ones ✨

Weekly Quote #23

As I was mentioning in a prior article even if I have not managed to review much of the books I’ve read, I did read! (haha, imagine that!). Aaaaaand I am late to the Tahereh Mafi party. Yup, I am reading the Shatter Me series. I’ve finished book 1 in July and now I am getting through the second.  

In the beginning, it was all a bit confusing There are still things that need to be uncovered. I’m not getting into a full review now (although, I’d better start writing my review for Shatter Me), but I want to share with you a quote that felt deep somehow. There are plenty of other amazing quotes in these books so far, but this one just stuck there:  

“Then what’s happening right now? Because something is happening right now and it doesn’t feel okay,” he says, his voice catching. “It doesn’t feel okay, Juliette, it feels like the opposite of whatever the hell okay is and I really just want to hold you-“ 

The way Tahereh managed to convey the desperation, the angst and the fear is just fantastic. I could feel it! Oh I cannot wait to finish this book. I’m now on page 112 of book 2, I own already book 3 and I need to get my hands on book 4 (yeah, yeah, shame me! I will buy it soon, okay?!) 

I hope you’re having an amazing start of the week. In my small corner of the world has finally started raining, although it will stop in 5 minutes probably…. Let me know in the comments below if you liked Shatter Me and what’s your opinion of book 1. Feel free to leave links to your reviews as long as they don’t contain spoilers. I’m interested to discuss them with you guys. 

Until next time, Happy Reading! 

Back to the Roots

…or me, just putting pen to paper again


You know who they say that when you get lost you need to return to where it all started? That all the answers lie in the beginning? Well, I got lost! I lost myself in plans, in wishes, in books or even in people. I lost my devotion to what I love most and I lost my dreams of that perfect… chapter. So I went back to where I started as a reader.

Let’s talk about Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Ok, go ahead, hate me or blame me all you want but I adore this series so much, or better yet, I adore how it made me feel while reading it or when I ended one book in the series. This was my starting point as an avid reader, because I devoured each volume like a bottle of cold Coca-Cola, no sugar, with lemon (yup, I’m an addict). My days were spent at the office, but my evenings and nights were spent with vampires, halves and hunters.

Then I realized I had nobody to talk with or about it and I discovered Goodreads. I wanted to be part of the community and talk about the series that messed me up so much. From here to blogging it was a simple but important step. It was putting myself out there for others to criticize my opinions or writing style. THIS was the most daring thing I’ve ever done. I’ve opened myself up to more reading, to committing to write articles, reviews or just write about anything and everything else. With every book I was finishing I was writing a page in this diary of mine that’s LBW. And I loved it, until I got lost. Hell (sorry!) even my browser no longer remembers my Goodreads password! It hasn’t been that long since my last post, but it’s been THAT long since I felt something.


So I went back to Vampire Academy and what it meant to me. I dug out my notes, dusted my feelings, kicked myself virtually a few times and debated if I should stop or start all over again and commit to a decision. Just one series can do that to a person (granted, you’d have to be obsessed a bit…ok, a bit more… a lot actually). And here I am, trying to clean up my act, trying to feel again, read again and commit. I guess a “THANK YOU” is in order to Richelle Mead for getting me through my toughest times (two times already). And thank you for sticking with me still, after everything (yes, I mean YOU!).

This was not a book review, it was just me reopening a door I shut a while back. Book reviews will come soon and much more as well. For now, remember to enjoy every moment. Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the seer and that feelings are all around us. Just be open to the right ones. Dare to say yes. Until next time, happy reading!



2021 Non-Bookish Resolutions

New beginnings – that is what we all say when a new year knocks on the door. Since I have recently posted my bookish resolutions, I want to tell you a bit about my plans outside of reading.  

  1. Finish the sewing course (and all projects from the sewing course)I’ve started taking sewing classes since October and it has been a real challenge. I’ve learned that I am afraid to make mistakes and that I want to have each cut perfectly executed. I am a beginner, so this definitely doesn’t happen. Frustration sets in and emotional turmoil. But it is part of my development as a person and as a future seamstress.  
  2. Dare to sew from Burda: I love the designs in this magazine and there are some that are easy to perform, with my current knowledge. I just need to have the guts to do it! 
  3. Start promoting my sewing business: I’ve been spending a lot of time planning than doing the actual job. It is high time I started putting my ideas on paper. Now! 
  4. Start a planner for my sewing activities: again, OneNote is a savior here. I was mentioning in my Bookish Resolutions for 2021 that I am using OneNote for my blog as well and it will be my choice for sewing as well.  article_break
  5. Knit more: I’ve been crocheting for a while now. I am not an expert, far from it. But I want to try knitting as well. My mom knits and she makes some beautiful sweaters. I want to learn as well:) 
  6. Charity donations: I want to give more. There are people out there who need our help, as little as it may be, it still is something. Sewing, knitting or crocheting for charity are also an idea.  
  7. Be more organized at home and at work: this applies not only to closets and drawers, but also to my time dedicated to other activities. I need to put my sh..adows together  
  8. Be more relaxed at the office (or quit): this is probably the most difficult thing to achieve.  
  9. Complete the tasks on time: uh, this one is also though to accomplish. This applies both to my sewing activities and my job.   
  10. Stick to the plan!  

As usual, I am trying to push myself over the limits. But this is because mine are pretty low at the moment and I know I can do better. 2021 will be full of challenges and new projects. Hopefully I will be able to stick to my ideas and put them to practice.  

Let me know in the comments below if you have any personal goals (the ones that can be shared, obviously). Until tomorrow, happy reading !  

Happy New 2021

Happy New 2021!  

A new year, new beginning, new chapter in the big book of life – that’s what we all say!  

Take a moment to remember all the good things that 2020 offered you, however small and insignificant they may be. Bad things are there so that we can appreciate the better ones more, right?  

I wish you all a 2021 filled only with goodness and kindness, with joy, with love and energy to accomplish your plans and fulfill those new year resolutions (we all make them, even if we don’t admit it). To all the bookish community out there, here’s to many great books!  

Happy 2021 Reading!  

2021 Bookish Resolutions

Another year has passed. After all the good and the not so good that 2020 has brought us, it is time to look forward with confidence and determination. 

Yup, I have started this article like a politician 🙂 as you all have seen, I have not been on top of my game in 2020. I would like to blame it all on my job, but if I am honest, it was not only that (it does play the major role though). In the end, it doesn’t matter. My blog still stands, my love for reading is there and it is a powerful motivation.  

So I am very anxious to start the new year with new goals which I plan to achieve (this time) 🙂  

  1. Be organized: finally I have found a tool (OneNote) that is extremely useful for what I have in mind and I have been using it for a while. I want to keep using it and be more organized.   
  2. Be more active on social media: as I was mentioning many times, the bookish community is amazing. Every time I interacted, I was met with kindness and I love that. I love having a group of friends with whom to talk about books.  
  3. Read 100 books: according to my reviews posted on Goodreads, I have read way less this year. I know there are many books I have finished but not reviewed, but…if it’s not official, I am not counting it here. So  I intend to read and review officially 100 books. For the record, my Goodreads goal is 120.  
  4. Lear more about beta reading and editing: beta reading is something that I like doing and it is also something that at the moment I am doing without a defined structure. I have a plan drafted, but it needs improving. As for editing, it will help my own articles and it will help my beta reading. No harm in learning more. article_break
  5. Have better diversity in my articles: my blog is mainly focused on reviews. Well, I want more. I want to discuss characters, themes, chapters, spoilers… there is a lot more I could write about and I want to do it in 2021. I want us to talk more and I want you to get the best from my blog. 
  6. Be more involved in the bookish community: this is where I say that I want to be more involved in readathons and bookish challenges. I said that last year too and …. didn’t happen. 2nd time is the charm? (Hopefully I don’t have to wait until the 3rd)  
  7. Promote more (books and authors): I read a lot, this is clear. But I talk very little about the books and some of them deserve a lot more than just a review. 
  8. Try to read more Fantasy: I used to love YA and Fantasy, but I got so wrapped up in Romance that I forgot about anything else. This needs to change. Slowly and with courage, but it needs to change. 
  9. Post daily: I have a lot to write about, so the ideas are there. I need to invest more time, I need to go back to point 1 of this list and also follow point 10.  
  10. Stick to the plan!  

Reading is amazing. It has been one of my anchors in 2020 and it has been my refuge for the last 9 years at least. With this in mind, let’s start the first TBR from 2021 – subject for my next article.  

Until next time, let me know below what are your reading goals for 2021 as I would love to know 😉 Happy Reading! 

April Non-Bookish Wrap Up


April was a great month when it comes to my other activities. I think this isolation inspired me (best choice of words would be: “kicked my behind and made me move”) and actually got my slam wheels turning. I’ve sewn, not much, but enough to remember how to use the sewing machine and I have crocheted a lot!

Now, If I am determined not to start another crochet project before finishing the one I am currently into, I still have to implement this approach in sewing.  I finished 4 masks (I know it’s cliché these days, but I wanted to start with something simple that I can use later on). Regardless to say these were a bit of failed attempts or at least they did not turn out as nice and clean as I would have liked – I won’t post pictures because I am a bit disappointed. But “trial and error” is what they say.

beginning top

In terms of crocheting, I started a summer top. My hands itch for a doily right now, but I need to start working on tops! Plus, I really like them. I am not very fond of the patterns I am working with at the moment, but it’s a great start to remember my measurements and to stay on track with a big project. I have a target from my other half to finish it by Thursday (I work best with due dates, imposed by others) and I am proud to say I am on track! I cannot wait to share the finished version with you.

May is full of plans. I have a list in place with things I want to complete and I hope I will be able to achieve them all, between book blogging and my job. Until my next article, enjoy your weekend!

March Non-Bookish Wrap Up


March was a great month when it comes to other activities than reading (and work). I made a lot of progress crocheting and even finally created a Facebook page for all the things I’m making. The page is in Romanian but if you want to check it out just look for Hobby Wobby or follow me on Instagram (@hookedonthread) – it’s almost the same content, just in English.

My mom asked me to crochet a lace for her to use on a dress – this was the main project of the month. I still have half to complete but I plan on finishing it in the coming days. I was also working with some scrap yarn I had lying around and made two coasters.

No sewing for now though. My crafts corner is still not finished yet and to be honest, I want to take each project at a time. Last year I started too many and completed almost none. Until now, I have completed all that I started, with one exception: a blouse. I put it on hold, as my mom’s request is more urgent.

Other than this I am still watching Gotham with my other (and best) half and I feel that somehow this move is a bad influence 😀 there are a lot of crazy characters. This city is full of maniacs! We are at season 4 now and the action becomes a bit on the overreacting side. Oh, and Manifest is another TV show we are watching – this one keeps us more entertained, especially because we get to see one episode a week and it’s killing us!

That’s all I have for you guys at the moment, keep visiting for more reviews and bookish articles 😊

Disclosure: Because of Gotham, I was not able to read that much in the evenings… Moral of the story: Do not watch TV series!


February NonBookish Wrap Up


I have complained already about my terrible February in my bookish wrap up, no need to mention it again here. But, when it comes to crocheting, I did not have such a bad month. I am actually quite happy. I managed to finish one crochet project – a baby blanket (I told you about it in January) and I even managed to start a new project: a light pink summer blouse. Also, I received this month’s Little Box of Crochet, that has materials for a beautiful shawl which happens to be almost in the same shade of pink like my summer blouse.

I didn’t manage to have any walks or spend any quality time out of town with my other half, but in the evenings, we started watching Gotham on Netflix and we are both hooked by the plot. I am loving this series! We are also waiting the next episode from Manifest. Well… we try our best to relax after work.

No sewing performed this month, but I think I did good anyhow.

That’s all I have for now. I hope March will be amazing for you guys and remember to enjoy every moment 🙂