Weekly Quote #24

Hey all,

It has been quite a while. I hope it won’t take that long to my next article again. I won’t start by ,asking excuses, it’s just how life has been. On the good side, there is someone out there who keeps pushing for me to write. The Universe and The Powers That Be keep telling me that this is what I should do. So here I am, continuing the LBW journey.

This week’s quote is from a book by Brenna Jacobs, called “The Dating Game”:

I ran because kissing Eric felt like finding my forever.
And that is utterly terrifying.

This is a novella of under 70 pages, a quick, easy and fun read. Lately I’ve been travelling a lot and I was looking for something fast to read during one of my 3 hour flights. I will tell you more in my next article, where I’ll also reveal something very exciting that happened to me last week.

Ok, back to our quote. It’s amazing how one can get scared when faced with the possibility of accomplishing something. In this case, Allie, our main character, realises that Eric may be the one she’s been looking for. Eric may be her partner for life. That is scary. I mean, you fell the 100%, but are you really ready? There are many of us out there (boys, girls, men, women) who want to enjoy life as much as possible before this commitment. The problem appears when you want to have fun, but not with the one who seems to be your soulmate. What do you do then? The 100% becomes fuzzy.

Of course, that’s not how the story is between our main characters. But this quote made me think. Yeah, I tend to twist words into millions of meanings.

Did you read something spectacular these days? Is there a quote that stuck with you? Write it down in the comments below and let’s chat 🙂

Until next time, happy reading !