Book Review: Kiss from a Rose

Kiss From a Rose
by Bella Fontaine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Secrets that were meant to be hidden jump out of the closet in this hot,
sexy, enemies to lovers romance. From USA Today Bestselling Author
Khardine Gray writing as Bella Fontaine…
There are two things in this world that I’m certain of:
1.Money doesn’t grow on trees.
2.Caine Donoghue is the devil. He’s the kind of guy who’s sexy, knows it,
and uses his charm to fool you. It doesn’t help that he’s an
Ex-Navy man with all that hard muscle and a body built like a god.
He’s the devil.
It sounds harsh, but it’s true. I should know because I practically
grew up with him. I had to endure many summers of his evil. So
should know.
However, the day came when the man decided to go and shock me.
It only took a fifteen-year absence in each other’s lives, but…one
major act of kindness that saved the person I loved most dissolved
the barrier I placed up to keep him out.
I never saw it coming.
Me, trapped in the charm he oozed. Me, trapped in the temptation that
lured me to him just from his sinful sexy smile. Me, getting lost in
a man I thought was my worse nightmare.
Caine Donoghue sucked me into a sizzling hot, whirlwind romance that was so
scorching it would make hell feel like the artic.
He unlocked something inside me.
But…us being together unlocked something else.
We unlocked secrets from the past that should have stayed hidden.
Secrets that tangle the past with the present, and will affect the
Secrets that could destroy us.
It’s only a matter of time.
Then it won’t matter what I think …
If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy ex-military
men that will make you melt, you will like this book. Scroll up and
one-click your copy today!
Bella Fontaine is the multicultural and interracial romance pen name of USA
Today Bestselling bestselling author Khardine Gray.
The name is to honor the strong, super talented, and courageous women in
her family who inspired her to write and do what she loves most.
As with her other books expect hot, steamy, contemporary romance and
romantic suspense. Expect drool-worthy heroes and sassy heroines.
People falling in love and the wild, sexy fun they have on their journey.
My Review

Oh, this is such an intense story! There are many elements to enjoy and enough hot scenes to make you blush. There is also the thriller element that makes it even more interesting.

Anya has always had a secret crush on the boy who made her childhood a nightmare. So when need comes and the said boy, now a full grown man, is her knight in shining armor, things are bound to intensify to maximum levels. Especially if our hero has always fancied her as well. When Anya’s aunt, the woman who raised Caine, falls ill, she is more than willing to care for her and her small business. Cane offers to cover their money issues and also help around, while Halle is in the hospital, recovering. Little did they expect to face loan sharks and schemes to obtain by any means necessary, Halle’s business.

 For me, the story was a bit predictable and it left me with unanswered questions. The reason why Cane was so awful to Anya in their childhood is still beyond me and as well how a mature woman was deceived in such a way by a loan shark is a little too much. I do have some small issues with the writing – some expressions were repetitive and childish for a man in the army, in his early thirties, for example. Also, I am not a big fan of the cover.

But setting this aside, I did enjoy the romance and how both characters were afraid to commit. Their relationship starts with the knowledge that it could end at any moment, but soon both will realize they have difficulties staying away. I loved how Cane took things into his own hands and did everything to protect the two women in his life. He is by far my favorite of the two.

All in all, I did enjoy my time with the story, regardless of my negative comments. I’s a story worth uncovering, with a good thriller element.  3.5 stars. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below J Happy reading!


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Book Reviews: Hearts of Valor #1 and #2

Honor Among Seals
Hearts of Valor #2
by Dixie Lee Brown
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Pub Date: 10/9/2018
Working for a security company with his brothers-in-arms has given former
SEAL Matt “MacGyver” Iverson a reason to get up every morning.
But keeping a runaway bride from harm isn’t in his job description . . .
Former Marine Kellie Greyson is in over her head. A cold-hearted ultimatum leaves
her no choice but to wed mob boss Tony Palazzi. But when she overhears his
deadly plans for her after she says ‘I do,’ Kellie flees his
casino, only to wind up in a seedy Vegas bar. The next thing she
knows, she’s waking up beside a protective powerhouse of a man . . .
Though Kellie’s body kickstarts his into high gear, MacGyver is all business trying to
convince her that they need each other. Both are looking for missing
people—and all roads lead to Palazzi. MacGyver will have to lay all
his cards on the table to get Kellie to trust him in a game they
might not survive . . .
My Review

What a great story! I liked it and I liked more than one aspect of it. I found in this book (actually, in what I’ve read so far from this series), everything I would have expected: a great romance, great action and a great combination of the two.

Matt and Kellie need each other and must rely on each other, like it or not. She needs to find a way to escape her forced marriage with a very dangerous mob boss and he needs to solve a case and all leads turn to Mr. Dangerous. Both find something in common in a fight of wisdom, strength and slippery situations. Add to that a touch of passion and all you have is a great story. Nothing more, nothing less.

I loved the interaction between all the characters. Yes, Kellie and Matt are the center of attention, but all the others bring nothing but good stuff to the story. A former Marine and a former SEAL unite their experience and personalities to escape a powerful enemy. Both have their work experience and that is what brings them closer. They fit perfect together and the romance between them is well built and flows well with everything else. We are not oblivious to our characters’ backgrounds either and the consequences of their careers are not to be ignored or treated lightly.

All in all, Book 2 is at least as amazing as Book 1. I would gladly recommend the series, should you feel the need to read a good romance + thriller story. Amazing mystery and amazing characters! Loved it, 5 stars!

Heart Of A Seal
Hearts of Valor #1
They’re brothers in arms, Navy SEALS risking their lives for their country

. . . and the women they love.   

This is Luke Harding’s story. 

Six months in a desert hellhole taught Navy SEAL Luke Harding things he
never wanted to learn about life and death. Only tender memories of
the beautiful brunette he met a few weeks before his deployment
helped get him through the torturous days and nights. Back in the
States after a perilous rescue, physically and emotionally damaged,
Luke’s about to plunge into a new kind of war. In a seemingly
bucolic Idaho town, Sally Duncan faces real—and

All Sally ever wanted was a safe place to raise her nine-year-old
daughter. Her identity hidden behind a façade of secrets and lies,
can she trust Luke—a man she barely knows—with the truth? Even as
they give in to long-denied passion, a killer with a personal
vendetta is setting an ambush that will leave them praying for a
miracle and fighting for the future they may not live to see.  

My Review

Intense and unpredictable – these are just two of the characteristics of this book. Again, I found something to enjoy at every page turn, something to keep looking forward to reading and in the end to feel sorry it’s gone.

Both these characters have a tumultuous past and present. Both have their own demons, inside and out but the most important thing is that somehow, they manage to have each other. While Luke is determined not to give up on Sally this time and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her and her daughter, Sally is there to help him face his nightmares and fears. We see them both strong and sensible. We see their tough moments and also their weaknesses. I loved this balance so so much!

And the plot itself is very entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat and it was hard to put it aside. I read both this book and the next one so quickly and I already miss them. We have a lot of action and a lot of mystery and many twists.

I do advise you to read the series and to follow Dixie Lee Brown. These were my first books by her, but she has several other books that sound amazing and interesting! Until next ones, enjoy another 5 stars book J

Dixie Lee Brown lives and writes in Central Oregon, inspired by
gorgeous scenery and three hundred sunny days a year. Having moved
from South Dakota as a child to Washington, Montana and then to
Oregon, she feels at home in the west. She resides with two dogs and
a cat, who are currently all the responsibility she can handle. Dixie
works fulltime as a bookkeeper. When she’s not writing or working,
she loves to read, enjoy movies, and if it were possible, she’d
spend all of her time at the beach. She is also the author of the
Trust No One romantic suspense series, published by Avon Impulse.
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Book Review: Alphahole

by DD Prince
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Aiden is an alphahole and absolutely infuriating.
You’re going to effing love him!
A bad boy, enemies-to-lovers, office, roommate romance.
I’m Carly.
A nice girl. A nice girl who has recently figured out that nice girls
get the shaft. So, I’ve decided to become Carly 2.0 and say buh-bye
Carly 1.0, the doormat.
There’s a problem, though. An alphahole is my new roommate and
my CEO’s son. He’s also my boss and the alphahole is gunning to ruin
Alphahole: A grade-A alpha male asshole.
The epitome? Aiden Carmichael.
Aiden wants to give me the shaft.
In multiple ways, if you get my drift.
Good thing the new me has decided to fight back and if
push comes to shove, fight dirty.
I’m Aiden. Alphahole. 
Or so the chick my father put in my corporate apartment and my
department at the office calls me. Whatever. She’s got spunk. And a
great rack. She tries to come off as a badass, but I see right
through the act. If she’s gonna tangle with me, she’ll be the one to
get tied up in knots. It won’t be me.
I have no problem fighting and as far as I’m concerned,
the dirtier the better.
My Review

Aiden and Carly – such an intense relationship, such opposites. Faith has Carly and Aiden living together when she is offered a position at Carmichael Consulting in San Diego and thus moving away from her family, her ex (a cheater and a lying piece of a man), her drug addict sister and an ex best friend.  The move to San Diego puts her in the same apartment as her boss. They feel the attraction, but they cannot stand each other. He puts her through so much and she is so out of patience towards him. This is an office romance between two very strong characters, unwilling to back of a challenge.

Now, there are so many elements I’ve enjoyed and there is so much I liked about the characters and their personalities. Carly decides a make-over is in place, after people have treated her like nothing. She has had enough with being pushed around, so meeting Aiden is just the perfect opportunity for her to bring forward these changes. I love that she challenges him both professionally and personally, always answering his demands at the office and facing all the challenges, and at home, where she is not willing to put up with his ego. Aiden is the son of a very bad mother (and you can read that wither literary, or using the corresponding attribute for a son of a person with low morale). Having witnessed his mother cheating on his father has left a deep scar on his character. His bad experience with women is not helping him either. So now he treats all women like garbage. For him, a woman is good for one thing and one thing only.

Carly is the challenge he needs and Aiden is the “glue” she needs to put herself together. They are an explosion of emotions and infuriating at the same time. Aiden’s vulnerability is only in regards to his family and only a family incident will tone down his level of rudeness (putting it lightly). I liked that.

I must mention though some of the things that were not to my liking. At some point, the action felt dragged and some complications were too inflated. Even if we have an office romance here, the professional aspect of it all was treated a little lightly. It did make the delight of the book, but still I would have liked a bit more care in this regard. Aiden’s family issues were solved easily, for the amount of torture they brought him. I would judge the attitude towards Carly’s sister, but I am not experienced in this item. I would like to read more reviews that refer to it though, because to me, abandoning a close relative like that is not the solution. Again, I am not experienced in this area, but I wished it could have been treated with more seriousness.

All in all, I am giving the story 3.5 stars and I am definitely looking forward to more books by this author. If you want to read an explosive story, with strong characters and good family drama, this is your book. I enjoyed my time with it and I hope you will too 🙂

DD Prince is a Canadian author living in Niagara Falls, Ontario with her
husband, 2 sons, and a menagerie of pets. She loves to read and
(tries to) write smutty books with substance. Loves books, fancy
pens, cherry blossoms, fall colours, and cheesy zombie flicks. Will
write for sushi.
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Book Review(s): The Thorne Brothers

Give and Take
The Thorne Brothers #2
by Lee Kilraine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: 9/18/2018
Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a
painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest
sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake even a
rock-solid foundation . . .
Wyatt Thorne was so traumatized by his mother’s abandonment he didn’t speak
until he was six. At 26, he’s still the quiet type—strong and silent, most
comfortable with a hammer in his hand and work to do. But the
reassuring rhythm of his life is interrupted when his brother Beckett
decides to pay forward their unused office space to a needy start-up.
Enter Rhia Hollis, flighty, impulsive, and outspoken—everything
that drives Wyatt crazy. Only this time in the sexiest, most
irresistible way . . .

Rhia is determined to
disprove her reckless, party girl image by making her new company,
Seize the Day, the premier event planning firm in Raleigh. She has
big dreams, and the Thornes’ offer of a free command center is a
huge help. But Wyatt’s gruff, stubborn resistance to her presence
is an annoying hindrance. They’re as different as night and day,
yet when they begin to meet in the middle, the sparks fly hot. Is
this a case of opposites distract—or the beginning of a beautiful
long-term project? . . .
My Review

“Give and Take” brings an even more interesting brother. Wyatt has had a rough childhood and has lived with the trauma most of his life. He likes order, control, he has OCD. But here comes Rhia Hollis with her “Seize the Day” start-up business and that means chaos and bye-bye silence. Wyatt’s life is turned upside down and there is no chance to make it right.

Again, we have the most interesting couple and the most interesting personalities. The background story becomes more interesting with every chapter in the series. If we know already about a missing brother, we find out about a younger sister. There is something happening at every page. I am in love! Honestly, the way the elements of the story unfold and the way everything comes together is fantastic. But when you think you’ve figured it all out, guess what? You’re wrong.

Rhia is universes away from what Wyatt needs. But she is also what he needs to start living a little, to start distressing and to appreciate the beauty in all the chaos. They need to find that common frequency, in order to come together. They are so beautiful and they have those sparks around them all the time.

The series gives you more than one reason to stat the next book. We know something about every brother and we want to see each one in their respective books. But we also want to know what happens to the family. And I want to know what other amazing personalities the author creates. She is amazing and this series just gets better and better! Read it, it’s amazing!

Give It Up
The Thorne Brothers #1
Beckett. Asher. Gray. Eli. Ryker. Wyatt. Five out of six very different
brothers reunited—and working to make their construction firm a
success. But oldest brother Beckett just found their major new
project becoming one hard and sexy challenge . . .

A rough childhood tore Beckett and his brothers apart. It took
everything he had to track them down and establish Six Brothers
Construction. He only trusts them—and his drive to win. Now if SBC
can build a billionaire team owner’s much-hyped new mansion, it
will put them on the map—and finally fulfill Beckett’s promise to
take care of his siblings. Too bad he’ll have to collaborate with
hot new rival Samantha Devine, who’s throwing him curves on-site,
out-the-box . . . and between the sheets.

Sam knows from experience that arrogant good-ole-boy Beckett is long,
strong, and built to go the distance. But this is her only shot to
prove she and her fledgling design company can succeed on her own
terms. She’ll match Beckett’s expertise by day—and reignite the
explosive heat between them by night. But when passion threatens to
become real love, will this competition separate them for good . . .
or make the sizzling collaboration of a lifetime?
My Review 

The series starts off so so good and it only makes me want to read more from this author and more about the brothers. “Give It Up” brings together the big brother Becket and an old crush of his, Samantha Devine. Both good at what they do, both stubborn and decided on not to get involved again, they must work together and somehow face the attraction. Well, they decide on facing it head-on. Their story is so amazing and what happens between them is purely because of their personality.

I don’t want to get too much into their relationship. It is the central aspect of the book, but what’s even more interesting is how the author is showing us their personalities through their actions and reactions, not only towards one another, but also in their interaction with others. Together they are like flames in the fire. They complement each other intellectually and intimately. But their pride and strong personalities will end up tearing them apart. I loved this rollercoaster of emotions so much!

Except that, we learn a lot about the brothers. We learn the hardships Becket has been through to bring his family together. He has a lot of issues, he is private and that makes him even more interesting. His focus on the company is only for the family, not necessarily for the money. I find him so interesting and intriguing. Don’t get me wrong, Sam is equally challenging, but Becket is something else.

One can analyze a romance story based on how the couple looks together, based on how their passion is depicted. But what Lee Kilraine manages to do with this first book is impressive and beautiful. I loved it so so much and I am so happy I got to read book 2 as well.

A former Air Force spouse, Lee Kilraine moved seven
times over eighteen years before finally settling with her husband in
the pine woods of North Carolina. She has worked as a physical
therapy aide, a cashier, a waitress, an English tutor, a ballet
teacher and a stay-at-home mom. Holding tight to her mother’s
motto, “There’s nothing you can’t do if you try hard enough,”
Lee returned to college as an adult and graduated from the University
of North Carolina at Greensboro. Writing thirty-one papers in two
years (she counted) rekindled her love of writing, and she set her
sights on her other dream—writing romance. When she isn’t
swinging on her front porch swing or watching another of their four
young adult children leave the nest (she swears she isn’t pushing
them out!), you can find her typing away on her computer with her
golden retriever, Harley, destroying something at her feet. Lee is a
2014 Golden Heart® Finalist.
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Book Review: Night and Day

One Night in South Beach #5
by Andie J. Christopher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: 9/18/2018
Letty Gonzalez is a true romantic. She’s spent her life waiting for
flowers, poetry, the grand gesture that will finally sweep her off
her feet—without any luck. After her latest dating fiasco, she’s
ready to give up on the idea of Prince Charming—but not on down and
dirty fantasies about her new boss—gorgeous, out-of-her-league Max
Maxis more pragmatic than romantic—and with his looks and charisma,
beautiful women usually fall at his feet. Bubbly, generously curvy Letty just isn’t
for him, and maybe if he finally lets his grandmother set him up with
someone new, Letty will finally believe it.
But the senior citizen’s matchmaking is trickier than anyone anticipated. And when
Letty and Max find themselves stuck in Key West together for a
seductively sexy weekend, one kiss is enough to light a fire neither
of them wants to put out . . .
**easily read as a standalone!**

My Review

This book surprised me in more ways than one, both positive and negative. I have mixed feelings about it and putting together this review has helped a lot.

Starting with the easy part, “Night and Day” is the fifth book in the series but can easily be read as a stand-alone. As far as I’ve understood, there are glimpses of stories from previous novels, and one very sweet grandmother that ties everything together. Letty meets Max when she needed to stay away from men the most. After an unsuccessful relationship and a career failure, she accepts a job as an assistant to a sculptor. Little did she expect him to be so gorgeous! The attraction they feel is visible from the beginning and while his creativity sparks, her doubts begin as well.

On the good side, we can see here a very nice romance story that combines passion for one another with passion for art. Max and Letty have many things in common and they discover them step by step, all the while uncovering their deepest fears. I loved the communication between them and the family dynamics. Max’s grandmother is the “author” of their encounter, as she has been trying to set him up for a long time. Well, she did a very good job this time.

What I did not appreciate was the amount of self-doubt and the disappointment Letty has when it comes to her appearance. There is someone out there for any of us. We are all beautiful in someone’s eyes, we are all special for someone. We are who we are and we can only be better. The way she talked about herself and her body made me uncomfortable a little and made me reduce my rating.

Other than that, no other negative aspect comes to mind. We have a beautiful couple, we have amazing interaction and a very beautiful writing. This book was easy to read and discusses many more important themes, that you can discover only by reading it  J 3.5 Stars – Enjoy J


Previous Books in the Series:
One Night in South Beach #1
One Night in South Beach #2
One Night in South Beach #3
One Night in South Beach #4
Andie J. Christopher writes edgy, funny, sexy contemporary
romance. She grew up in a family of voracious readers, and picked up
her first Harlequin romance novel at age twelve when she’d finished
reading everything else in her grandmother’s house. It was love at
first read. It wasn’t too long before she started writing her own
stories—her first heroine drank Campari and wore a lot of Esprit.
Andie holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame in
economics and art history (summa cum laude), and a JD from Stanford
Law School. She lives in Washington, D.C., with a very funny French
Bulldog named Gus.
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Book review: Blossoms of the Heart

Blossoms of the Heart
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Contemporary Romance
The most intense and passionate romance you’ll read this year.
Why do I fall for guys I can’t have?
Okay, it’s not guys –plural.
It’s just one guy.
THE guy.
When I was 18 he stole my heart.
Tai was the guy I wasn’t supposed to have…
The tattooed rebel my mother told to stay away from me.
My heart stopped beating that day.
I was off- limits to him and he was forbidden to me.
I never thought I’d see him again.
He stayed away, just like my mother demanded.
Until… fate decided to hand us an all-access card eleven years later.
Leaving it to us to work out the kinks.
We got to see what could have happened if we got together.
Then it became complicated….
The passion and heat between us is wild.
Scorching hot and consuming.
He wants more. So much more…
But I can’t give him more…
This time it’s not my mother telling me I can’t have him.
It’s life …
Because …  now I have a secret.
A secret that could tear us apart.
**This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no
cheating, and plenty of steam. ***

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool worthy ex-marines
that, you will like this book.

**Only .99 cents!**
Goodreads * Amazon

My Review

This story is so complicated! The characters have such a complicated life. Well, mostly Phoebe. She has a lot to deal with and she is facing this all alone. I loved our main character and I loved this book!

Let me get into the details a little bit. Phoebe and Tai have been best friends since childhood, until one event on her 18th birthday sends them apart. Now married with a very influential man, she has a decision to make: continue in a loveless marriage or confront her husband and try to start over. She takes the obvious choice, but even after being away from Jason, his power still follows her.

Years later after their last night together, Tai and Phoebe meet. Now they can finish what they never could, but do they have a future? That remains to be seen, as both have unresolved things and secrets to protect. I felt so sorry for Phoebe. She genuinely cared for Tai and she envisioned a future with him ever since childhood. He, on the other hand, took some decisions that for me were hard to understand. This is one of the reasons for which I am decreasing my rating.

While the story was very interesting and intense for the most part, I must admit there are some issues with the writing, as some parts felt like dragging. I will not make any reference to our characters’ flaws because that’s what brings them closer to us.

All in all, I liked it and I would gladly check other books by Khardine Gray, as I’ve heard her other stories are even better J Until next time, happy reading!

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her
husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing
and ice skating.
When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot
chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.
No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of
Khardine’s books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and
characters she creates.
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Book Reviews: Avoiding the Badge

Arizona K9 #1
by Dorothy F. Shaw
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: 9/4/2018
Rayna Michaels may be a veterinarian, but she knows a little something
about the human heart—especially when it comes to worried pet
owners. Law enforcement’s bonds with their K9 partners are
legendary, and Derek Hansen is a perfect example—he’s had his dog
Axle in more times than she can count in the last few months. And
Derek’s sculpted muscles and heart-stopping smile would be truly
irresistible, if only he wasn’t an officer of the law…
Derek can’t get Rayna’s stunning face and no-nonsense smarts out of his mind.
Any excuse to see her will do, until he works up the nerve to ask her
out. He’s not sure where her resistance to cops comes from, though
he’s more than willing to prove he’s one of the good ones. But
when casual dating turns into explosive lovemaking, Derek knows he
has to come clean about his past before the woman he loves finds out
what he’s been hiding and turns tail to run…

My Review

“Avoiding the Badge” is a book that has a lot of promise. The story is not bad at all, the key events around which the plot is constructed is also no bad. It is a quick read and has a dialogue easy to follow and with lines that will put a smile on your face.

We have a sweet and innocent vet, dedicated 100% to her job, and a police officer whose attraction for the doctor has been visible for everyone but her. When they finally come clean to each other, they start building something nice, beneficial to both. However, each has a past and both are willing to set it aside for a while and live a little.

I loved the attraction between our main characters, I liked their banter at times and I liked his overprotective nature. For Rayna this relationship is also a journey to self-discovery. She discovers new things when it comes to the intimate moments and she learns more about herself and her body. On the other hand, Derek is sure he has found his soul mate. It remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, there are also some things I did not enjoy. The characters were ok, but in my opinion, they had quite some flaws and while I liked the conversations Derek and Rayna had, I did not enjoy the dialogue between Derek and his best friend. I don’t know, it did not feel as … manly (?). And I was not very comfortable with the dirty talk. It was a bit too much.

All in all, this is not a bad book, made me smile, made me finish it and curious about how our characters will solve their differences.  Looking forward to read more from this series.

Dorothy F. Shaw lives in Arizona where the weather is hot and the sunsets
are always beautiful. She spends her days in the corporate world and her nights
with her Mac on her lap. Between her ever-open heart, her bright red
hair, and her many colorful tattoos, she truly lives and loves in Technicolor!
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