Blog Services

Welcome to the services area. I hope in the few options below you will find something of interest. All payments are to be performed via PayPal. My blog is focused on Romance, YA and Fantasy, so I am more skilled in these areas. 4 years of experience in book blogging have taught me how to be more organized and how to identify the best and weakest parts of a story.

 I am looking forward to working together 🙂

Beta reading

$0.0002 per word ($20 per 100,000 words)

Timing: 3 weeks.

For a 2 week turnaround, a priority fee of $10 will be charged

What you will receive:

  • An overview of the entire work
  • A chapter-by-chapter analysis
  • Character review
  • (if requested) Marked-up document with side notes

I am able to work on 2 or 3 (depending on the length) books at a time, so each month will have at least 2 spots open.  Please check the Beta Reading Availability Schedule on the right side bar.

 Limited offer: until April 30th, Beta Reading is free of charge. Take advantage of the special period now 🙂

Virtual Assistant – entry level

$10 per hour

What you will receive:

  • Manage social media accounts
  • Schedule blog tours with bloggers and book promotion companies
  • Manage blog posts
  • E-mail replies
  • Online activity schedule (interviews, guest posts)

Promote on blog

$3 per week

What you will receive:

  • Side bar promotion for one week
  • Book Review and/or Spotlight

Free of Charge

  • Book & Author Spotlight: one article, with social media promotion
  • Book Review: one article, with social media promotion (review is posted on Amazon and Goodreads)
  • Author interview: one spot per month.
  • Audiobook Review: one article, with social media promotion (review is posted on Amazon, Goodreads and Audible, if the case)