Book Reviews: The Chosen Coven Series #1 & #2

The Dark Awakening
The Chosen Coven Book 1
by D.L. Blade
Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Romance
He was there, in the shadows again, watching me.
Now I wait for him to strike. But I’ll be ready.
Just as Mercy pieces her life back together after a vicious attack, she notices a stranger lingering in the shadows, and watching her every move.
Mercy isn’t certain if what she’s seeing is real, but when Mercy crashes her car on the side of the road, she’s rescued by a handsome and mysterious man named Caleb, who she finds herself both drawn to, and afraid of.
Caleb reveals to Mercy that she’s strongly linked to an ancient coven; the roots slowly dragging her back to Salem. He also claims to be in love with her, but can she trust him?
This story takes you on a journey of magic, secrets, betrayal, and abduction, in a world filled with witches, vampires and werewolves, which Mercy and her friends never knew existed.
Mercy must discover who she truly is, and find the powers within her to save mankind.
The Dark Awakening has hit #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Vampire Thriller and Occult Horror, and is a top 10 finalists in the Author Academy Awards.
“Hands down, one of the best series ever I’ve read!” ★★★★★
“I really loved this book! I was constantly on the edge of my seat while reading, constantly wanting to know what’s going to happen next.” ★★★★★
My Review

This was such an intense and amazing read! It has witches, vampires and werewolves and all in just the right amount.

Usually, I would feel overwhelmed with so many magical creatures around, but the author managed to introduce us to this world at the perfect pace. We learn together with Mercy what her purpose is and who the bad guys are. She feels lost, she feels she has no one to trust, but she also feels the bond. This first book is about her, getting her accustomed to her power and reintroduce her into the supernatural. To fulfill her mission, she has to face family and best friends. Mercy needs to face her childhood trauma and perform the worst act of all.

While I loved all we see in the magical sphere and how this was created, I did not enjoy the romance that much.  I could not decide between Caleb and Reily simply because I did not feel such a connection to them – and I mean here only from Mercy’s perspective. I did not feel the love she may hold for them. Later in the book this becomes a bit more relevant why, but it is still a question mark. Still, I am only reducing 0.5 stars because of this.

“Dark Awakening” introduces us to a story with great potential. The writing was amazing, the pacing was great and it made me read it in one sitting. 4.5 stars and my devotion to the series!


Cover Review: I do not dislike it. I like Caleb in the back, harnessing his element, but I don’t like how Mercy has been positioned, first of all. I would have preferred her a bit more …centered. And second, she has nothing to show she’s the most powerful of them all. The green eyes and the necklace are not enough for me …

So I went right on to book 2 🙂 

The Dark Underworld
The Chosen Coven Book 2
“While the first book of this series introduced you to the characters and the fascinating world the author has created; this book brings the story to a whole new level.”
Mercy’s life changed forever when she discovered that not only is she a witch, but that she was born to rid the world of vampires once and for all.
After a year of intense training to hone her powers, she and her coven are pulled into a murder case in her hometown of East Greenwich. The coven, with the help of a friend with direct ties to
the investigation, discovers that a vampire attack claimed the victim’s life. Mercy suspects the killer belongs to a new clan in town, The Black Horse, and goes undercover in the vampire underworld. There, she’ll discover dark, long-hidden secrets and face her father from her previous life, who she learns is the leader of this ruthless undead.
New relationships will develop, friendships will be tested, and lives will be lost.
As Mercy draws closer to finding the killer, a villain from her past creeps out of the shadows. Maurice, centuries-old vampire, is thirsty for revenge after her coven took down his clan.
The Chosen Coven will now have to combine the forces of the Universal Elements, to fight the darkness that falls on their city.
“The plot of this book moves quickly. Complete with murder, intrigue, and romance. The story will appeal to a wide audience of readers–particularly to those who enjoy a blended genre of fantasy and mystery–and of course, a touch of romance.”
Author Notes & Disclaimer:
Violence, mild language, non-graphic intimacy scene and attempted rape scene.
This is a three-book series. It is highly recommended to read book one, ‘The Dark Awakening,’ before reading book two. Their final battle will conclude in book three, ‘The Dark Deliverance,’ and will be released in the fall of 2019.
My Review

Now this is the masterpiece of the series (for now at least, until I get my hands on book 3). Immediately after finishing book 1 I started “The Dark Underworld”. It took me a few hours to go through it, I devoured it in the same crazy manner as the previous one.

This time we see the entire coven in action and we have a dual perspective: Mercy and Caleb. They have to face so many threats, I feel like they don’t manage to have a moment of tranquility.  Again, the plot was great, with so much action that you never realize when time flies by. It was so easy to become wrapped up into the magic of the elements. I was also annoyed that some enemies just don’t want to stay dead! Caleb’s perspective complements the story, especially since he has his own feelings to deal with. After the shocking decision Mercy takes at the end of book 1, there’s a lot on his plate.

Now, I must speak about the romance again. I have the same problem as with book 1, but this time worse. I was confused. I did not understand if what Caleb felt for Mercy was love or not. I did not understand Mercy’s feelings – did she love Caleb or Dorian? The ending does provide some clarification but… I am not convinced. I did not feel the romance as profound as I would have liked. Probably because of the spell at the end of book one (the ones who read it know what I mean). Also, Mercy ran a lot. She was constantly hiding – either with relatives, or friends. Not cool. And I did not understand Melissa. She is part of the story until one point when she exists out of the blue. Mercy has to witness a mass murder and I was expecting her to be more affected by the loss.

So while I enjoyed the book very very much, I find more points that could have been better treated. I have to go with 3.5 stars, which I will round to 4, since in the end it was an very good lecture!

Cover Review: taking into account the description of the two guys, the one occupying the front is Dorian, but … I was expecting Caleb, since we get his POV. We see a werewolf in the background, but I would have preferred to see the symbol of the coven, since the werewolves don’t have much to do in this book. Same issue with Mercy – I would have wanted to see something on her that would remind us she is the most powerful witch! So again, I do not dislike the cover but…

The Dark Deliverance
The Chosen Coven Book 3
**Contains spoilers from book two. Read once caught up in the series**
The upper world is ruled by the gods, the underworld by demons, and the center—our earth—holds the inhabitants which the Chosen Ones were sworn to protect. In the darkest hour, on the darkest night, these three worlds will collide, and the gates of Hell will open.
Mercy is barely holding on after losing her coven, who sacrificed themselves to save her life. But even in death, Caleb opens a path for Mercy to rediscover the ancient power that once revived her after she died the first time on Gallows Hill in 1692.
To find the magic she needs to bring back her coven, Mercy and Dorian journey to a desolate island off the coast of Barbados and uncover long-hidden secrets from a native shaman tribe. But their presence is unwelcome, and Mercy finds herself harnessing the universal elements to save the lives of her beloved coven.
Meanwhile, Maurice continues plotting to destroy the supernatural world until every last human on earth bows to him. Knowing he can’t kill Mercy, he conjures up sick and twisted games he can play with her in order to crown himself the Master of Hell.
Where there is pain and destruction, a new power emerges, and Mercy must hold on to faith that good will triumph over evil because, if not, Hell will consume them all.
Hopefully, Review comming soon 🙂
D.L. Blade grew up in southern California, but relocated to Colorado with her family in 2014.
She always loved writing, concentrating on poetry rather than prose when she was younger. That changed however, when she had a dream one night and decided to create a story about it.
In her spare time, D.L. enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including reading, and attending rock concerts.
In the future, D.L. hopes that she can continue to write exciting novels that will captivate her readers and bring them into the worlds that she creates using her imagination.
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Book Review: Unravel You by Diana A. Hicks

Unravel You
Diana A. Hicks
(Cole Brothers, #1)
Publication date: November 18th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

UNRAVEL YOU is the enthralling sequel to LOVE OVER LATTES and can be read as a standalone. It is also book one in the Cole Brothers series, a new family saga, binge reading experience: 5 brothers, 5 full-length novels in 5 months.

College graduate Valentina never expected to fall for the hot as hell and intimidating Derek Cole when she accepted his offer to rent his property.

From cottage to mansion, Valentina is certain she doesn’t deserve the fairytale unfolding. But Derek gets what he wants… and he wants her.

He’s “the one” for her, but before she says I do, she has to survive a month long trip to his family’s estate in Atlanta. Gaining approval from four brothers and an over-protective mother might just be her hardest test yet.

For billionaire Derek Cole, this homecoming is a chance to mend the damage he caused when he walked away from the family business.

Just when they think they have a handle on their happily ever after… their past and future collide.

Note: This is a steamy romance with explicit sensual scenes, happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Can be read as a standalone.


“Hicks’ first installment of her Desert Monsoon series is confident and assured with strong storytelling, nuanced characters, and a dynamic blend of romance and suspense…A sexy and irresistible tale for fans of contemporary romance.” – Kirkus Reviews

Don’t miss out on this suspenseful and seductive series.

Unravel You, Book 1 (Derek and Valentina) – 11/18/2019

Provoke You, Book 2 (Matt and Ela) – 12/16/2019

Escape You, Book 3 (Tyler and Mia) – 1/13/2020

Unleash You, Book 4 (Wesley and Anabelle) – 2/10/2020

Defy You, Book 5 (Zack and Rebecca) – 3/9/2020

Goodreads / Amazon

My Review

Oh, for the love of reading, this was a great story! “Unravel You” is one of those books you get lost in for hours and hours and you forget how late it is and that you have work in the morning…Ups!

Valentina and Derek have found each other. Their love is strong and they see a future together. If she manages to survive meeting The Mother! Derek brings her home to his family. Things get complicated when the family is not particularly fond of their son’s choice. Bring in the ex – his and hers and you have yourselves a complicated story.

What I mostly liked is that even if in this case the main characters are already in love and are already in a relationship the plot did not feel dragged and the conflicts were very believable. It’s a captivating flow of events that will wrap you up. Family drama, traumas that resurface and a very cute kid – this is what we have here! All characters felt real and there was no unnecessary crisis happening.

I just loved the story! I am so sorry I did not get to read “Love Over Lattes”, as it is the story of how Derek and Valentina fell in love, but I still have some books I hope I’ll get to read from this author. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

Until next time, Happy Reading!


Author Bio:

Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance with a touch of suspense. Book two in her Desert Monsoon series, LOVE OVER LOGIC, won the 2019 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Romance – Suspense genre

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub



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Book Review: The Family Journal by Carolyn Brown

About the book:The Family Journal_Carolyn Brown


Title: The Family Journal

Author: Carolyn Brown

Published: November 12th 2019 by Montlake Romance

Source: Received from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


At the end of her rope, single mom Lily Anderson is determined to move her rebellious children in the right direction. That means taking away their cell phones, tablets, and computers—at least temporarily—and moving to the house where Lily grew up in the rural town of Comfort, Texas. But Lily has a bigger challenge than two sulking kids.

The house comes with Mack Cooper, high school teacher and handsome longtime renter. The arrangement: just housemates. But Mack’s devoted attention to the kids starts to warm Lily’s resistant heart. Then Lily finds an old leather-bound book in which five generations of her female ancestors shared their struggles and dreams. To Lily, it’s a bracing reminder about the importance of family…and love.

Now it’s time for Lily to add an adventurous new chapter to the cherished family journal—by embracing a fresh start and taking a chance on a man who could make her house a home.

Check it on: Amazon Goodreads

My Review

Lily Anderson is a heroine! She has two kids that give her the worst headache, but she is a devoted mother! I had to get this out of the way… sorry!

Now, “The Family Journal” is such an amazing story. The warmth one feels when reading it, the feeling of Home, the family and love are all in these chapters, at every page turn. I very much enjoyed this book!

Lily Anderson is a single mom, whose kids have taken some very bad habits, at a very young age. The only resource she has left is to move back to her hometown in Comfort, Texas. Her house is rented at the moment, but she comes to an agreement with her tenant – Mack Cooper to live together and split the expenses. Mack is a high school teacher, that has seen his fair share of misbehaved kids. He soon understands that Lily has not had the best of luck when it comes to having a father figure around for her kids. They both set up into a comfortable routine and they quickly lean on each other. All these come naturally. Things just … settle. A beautiful relationship begins, between two mature people, with their own heartbreak to bare. Still this is not the main focus of the story.

The family aspect is present all throughout the book. Not only we see Lily dealing with her two very disobedient children, but we see her learning to say no to them. While this happens, they also go through a family journal that contains the history of the women in their family. Maybe the past will manage to bring mother and daughter together. I wish I had one of these journals.

All in all, this book was amazing to read and feel, because it made me feel so many things and it made me love the characters so much. We have the life in a small town of Texas, with the Southern spirit, we have family and love. “The Family Journal” is by far an intelligent story. It has so many levels and so many beautiful interesting things. I do advise you to read it, it’s actually a “must”. 5 bright shining stars!

Cover Review: Look at these gorgeous flowers! I love the cover! It’s so fitting and beautifully wrapped in that ribbon 😊 Yup, love, love, love it!

Favorite Quote: “Me either, but sometimes a door opens that isn’t really a risk, but an opportunity.”


About the AuthorCarolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown’s novels have been on multiple best seller lists, won several awards, and have been praised by both reviewers and fans. Her 100th book will be published in November, 2020. Her novels have been translated into 19 foreign languages, and several are available in large print.

Presently, she writes women’s fiction with a romantic element and cowboy romance. She has also written historical single title, historical series, contemporary single title and contemporary series. She lives in southern Oklahoma with her husband, a former English teacher. They have three children and enough grandchildren to keep them young.

For a complete listing of her books (series in order) check out her website at

Hot Nights in Morocco by Catherine Wiltcher

About the book:Hot Nights in Morocco - 1600x2400


Title: Hot Nights in Morocco

Author: Catherine Wiltcher

Published: November 18th 2019 by Entangled Publishing LLC (Scorched)

Source: Received from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


I just started my dream job. Too bad it comes with movie mogul Jake Dalton who’s equal parts sexy and arrogant ass. He’s also a man who comes with a thousand warning signs. Good thing I have zero interest in complicating my life.

But while stuck on set in one of the most exotic places in the world, the desert heat isn’t the only thing making me sweat. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny the chemistry sizzling between us.

When we finally give in…the sex is off the charts. But Jake has too many secrets, and combined with my past, trust is impossible. This craziness is temporary, right?

Check it on: Amazon Goodreads

My Review

 This was such an amazing journey, an emotional roller coaster and a crazy amount of heat (from the desert and not only, if you get my point). I loved this book to the moon and back. I read it in two days, simply because at some point I needed sleep.

With this being said, let me introduce you to our main characters: Jake and Charlie. She is just starting her career. With no idea what she wants to do with her future, she submits a CV as an assistant for one of the most important actors in Hollywood. Suffice to say that said actor is hot as sin, but when you bring his brother (the movie producer and mega boss of Global Studios), only then you understand what hot really means. Charlie’s ambitious, with a desire to learn, no intention to be pushed around by an actor’s whims or the producer’s mood swings or swearing. Jake is hard on his team, a perfectionist and in no desire to settle down.

Their story is so complicated, with many things keeping them apart. But when the two personalities collide, a fire stars, so powerful and dangerous that melts their walls with each look, banter or kiss. The Charlie we meet in the beginning will not be the same after Jake and he will change as well. I loved this evolution so much and it goes so well with the story.

The book has 400 pages, according Goodreads. I did not feel the time pass by. I was so hooked and so invested in the story! I was afraid the plot would drag at some point, but it was not the case. On the negative side, I would have wanted to have more descriptions of the places. Morocco is an exotic place and with beautiful scenery. I would have wanted more of this explored (not too much more, just a bit more). Also, the way Charlie got the job is a bit too…coincidental. It did not feel believable.

All in all, I loved this book so so much! I wish I could award it 5 stars because with all the emotions that it made me feel, with all the good time I spent reading it, it fully deserves them. But I am compelled to remain with 4 stars, although it pains me to the heart! An amazing story, with so much passion and with characters that have baggage to carry around, until the fire manages to burn the past to ashes. Happy reading!

Cover Review: Nope, not the cover for my tastes. It has a dude with a great abdomen but little to remind about the story. He doesn’t remind me of a movie producer or … of the movie industry or that matter. The font used for “Hot Nights” may resemble to the way one would write an autograph but… neah.

Favorite Quote: (a Moroccan girl to Charlie, translating what her mother is saying): “She also say you have sad eyes. We have a saying in my village: past is a cage and life is a bird. She cannot escape it, no matter how hard she beats her wings against the bars. Only when she accepts the cage will she truly be free.”

About the AuthorCatherine

Catherine Wiltcher is a mum-of-two, former TV producer and self-confessed alpha addict. Her writing is best described as sinfully sexy, and her characters always fall hard and deep for one another.

She lives in a village near Bath in the UK with her husband and young daughters. If she were stranded on a desert island, she’d like a large pink gin to keep her company. Cillian Murphy wouldn’t be a bad shout either…

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Book Tour: Hot Night’s In Morocco


Title: HOT NIGHT’S IN MOROCCOHot Nights in Morocco - 1600x2400

Author: Catherine Wiltcher

Pub. Date: November 18, 2019

Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC (Scorched)

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 236

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, KindleB&NiBooks, Kobo

I just started my dream job. Too bad it comes with movie mogul Jake Dalton who’s equal parts sexy and arrogant ass. He’s also a man who comes with a thousand warning signs. Good thing I have zero interest in complicating my life.

But while stuck on set in one of the most exotic places in the world, the desert heat isn’t the only thing making me sweat. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to deny the chemistry sizzling between us.

When we finally give in…the sex is off the charts. But Jake has too many secrets, and combined with my past, trust is impossible. This craziness is temporary, right?

Stick around for my review – Soon


About Catherine:Catherine

Catherine Wiltcher is a romance author, mum-of-two, former TV producer and self-confessed alpha addict. Her writing is best described as sinfully sexy, and her characters always fall hard and deep.

For book and blog updates please visit

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Book Review: The Firefighter’s Cinderella


Title: THE FIREFIGHTER’S CINDERELLAFirefightersCinderella_1600

Author: Sonya Weiss

Pub. Date: November 18, 2019

Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC (Bliss)

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 200

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, KindleB&NiBooks, Kobo

What’s a Cinderella to do when she’s accidentally kicked her Prince Charming in the face and broken his nose? Hold an audition, of course.

Harper Bailey is desperate to keep her family’s amusement park business up and running, but her employees keep quitting, and the man playing prince to her Cinderella in the company’s mainstage show is just the latest casualty. When sexy firefighter Rafferty Bradford, the most eligible bachelor in their small town, offers to step in, Harper agrees–reluctantly. After all, she and Rafferty are ex-best friends with a ton of past history. Surely they’ll have zero chemistry onstage.

Rafferty has his own reasons for agreeing to play Prince Charming, and none of them are good. If Harper finds out the truth, it’ll just reinforce every rumor she’s believed over the years about Rafferty’s bad rep. But when their chemistry explodes both onstage and off, he’ll have to choose between happily-ever-after for himself…or the Cinderella he’s fallen for.

My Review

These two characters cannot be more different, apparently. She runs an amusement park, he deals with real life dangerous stuff – he’s a firefighter. But when you put them together, a fire ignites that none is willing to have tamed.

Harper and Rafferty have history together, but both have struggled with love. Somehow faith brings them together again, by coincidence or not necessarily. Well, faith and an entire town. I liked the story quite a lot. It gave me such a comfortable feeling. It’s around 200 pages, quick to read, nothing too complex or complicated. It’s one of those books you read to sit back and spend some time with yourself and your pages. Yes, there may be some items here and there that are just too much, but for me, it was a good book. He will brake some of his rules for her, she will try to put aside their differences and they both will see what happens.

All in all, it was a great and enjoyable read. I plan on coming back to it the next time my week feels like a rollercoaster. Suffice to say I read it quite quick and I managed to unwind a little 😊 I hope you’ll enjoy it as much a s I did! Happy Reading!


About Sonya:Sonya

Sonya Weiss writes contemporary romance and young adult novels. She believes that every love story deserves a happy ending.

She’s the author of several series including: Stealing the Heart, Fire and Sparks, Seduced by Love and the Tazavorn trilogy.

Sonya is represented by Eva Scalzo at the Speilburg Literary Agency.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | BookBub | Amazon

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