Weekly Quote #13


I was a bit lazy last week in terms of reading. Returning to work messed a bit the tight schedule I got used to but I will adjust somehow. I have many books started and not finished and many reviews that are due this week.

For this Monday, I have a quote from “No White Knight” by Nicole Snow:

“Look, maybe we crashed into each other like two speeding trains. Maybe we fell headfirst in the weirdest way possible, but hell.“ I gather her closer, resting my chin on top of her head. “You feel good, you feel right. And I’m not denying it. I’d like to stick around, if you’ll have me.”

The story has a lot to offer, not only in terms of Romance, but also Mystery. We have aNo White Knight - Nicole Snow young rancher, trying to keep her finances afloat after her father’s passing. She keeps a secret, a few miles on her property, a body lays in a mystery town. Her father may have killed someone. But more about it in my review, coming up later during this week )

That’s it for now guys. Until next time, Happy Reading!

April Wrap Up & May TBR


This was such a great month! I have read some amazing books and discovered great authors. I have been reading Kat Ransom’s books like crazy and I am so happy I discovered her. I had my share books I did not quite enjoy but all is great J These are the books I did complete during April:

I know I went a little far from my TBR. At the moment, I am in the middle of 6 books! I plan on finishing all, but sometimes I am in the mood for a scorching romance, sometimes I want something sweet or with a little bit of adventure. I’ve been moody. That’s the best way to describe it.

For May I plan on keeping the good trend and read a a lot and start with my Romanceopoly board. I was supposed to do that in April but Romanceopoly needs planning in advance. Until I get all this sorted, here are the books I do plan on finishing, including some carry overs from April:

  1. The Plan by Whitney Dineen
  2. Death by Midnight: The Secret Life of Anna Goode by Nicole Nadeau
  3. Flight of the Spark by Evelyn Puerto
  4. Gone With the Rogue by Amelia Grey
  5. Fast & Hard by Kat Ransom
  6. Fast & Wet by Kat Ransom
  7. Can’t Fight This Feeling by Claire Hastings
  8. Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi
  9. Aru Shah and the Song of Death by Roshani Chokshi
  10. Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi
  11. Bad Boys Don’t Make Good Boyfriends by Melanie A. Smith
  12. His Small-Town Girl by Lacy Williams
  13. Imperfect Princess by Sonya Jesus
  14. Inevitable by Kristen Granata
  15. When Darkness Begins by Tina O’Hailey
  16. No White Knight by Nicole Snow
  17. The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard by Ravina Hillard
  18. Innocent Princess by Lauren Helms

Uf, I didn’t realize how many books I have for May. I’m back to my intimidating TBRs, I see. Well, I must finish all of them, so I am not complaining (yet). Let me know in the comments below what your reading plans are for May and if you have read any of these books. Also, let me know what new authors have you discovered lately.

Happy Reading!

Weekly Quote #12

Last week was an amazing reading week! Indeed, I fell asleep at odd ours and woke up very early, but at least reading kept my demons away 😊 I discovered Kat Ransom and “The Fast Series”. I have finished book 3 and I cannot wait to read the first two books as well. So my quote for today is from “Fast & Hot”:


There are so many marked lines in my ePub copy, I cannot even begin to explain. “Fast & Hot” centers around Formula 1 (yes, FORMULA 1!) and the romance is between one of the drivers and his teammate and best friend’s sister. Since best friend’s sister is always off limits, imagine the tension! My review will be up tomorrow, so visit again if you want to see my thoughts of this book. In the meantime, I need to get my hands on books 1 and 2…because that’s my life with great series, I end up reading the middle. Even if this an be read as a standalone, I do want to explore the other couples.

Until tomorrow, happy reading guys !

Weekly Quote #11

Hey guys,

I’m back with my weekly schedule of book quotes. Given that I seem to have fallen into a routine of reading every morning and every evening before sleeping, I have managed to read quite a lot these last weeks.

For today I have a quote from “An Unsuitable Lady for a Lord” by Cathleen Ross, a book that I have just started but immediately captured my interest! My review is due Friday, so stick around for it.



Lord Aaron Lyle has one hell of a choice: a bankrupt dukedom, or marriage to some simpering society miss so his spendthrift father can get his hands on her huge dowry. He won’t do it. He has a reputation to maintain, and besides, he’d rather run naked through the streets of London than marry anyone at all. Surely, there must be a third option.

Then Lady Crystal Wilding walks into his life, a bluestocking, full of subversive thoughts, who hates the notion of marriage even more than he does. He is intrigued…and suddenly he has an idea. He invites the totally unsuitable lady home on the pretext of presenting her as a possible match…but in truth, Aaron has something far more pleasurable in mind. For her part, Lady Crystal has her own reasons for going along with his harebrained scheme.

Imagine their shock when his highly proper family loves her and starts planning the wedding. Good lord. Now what?

Ok, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow, with a rather difficult review 🙂 Until then, happy reading!


March Wrap Up & April TBR


This was such a crazy month! I tried my best to focus on all my projects and combine everything with work. As usual, not everything turned out as I wanted, but at least I did manage to focus a little bit on everything. Work was crazy, very crazy actually and it kept me away from doing a lot of reading.

But, among all the crazy, here are the titles I managed to complete:

  • Odriel’s Heirs by Hayley Reese Chow
  • Sting by Cindy R. Wilson
  • The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis
  • Unleash You by Diana A. Hicks
  • The Rebound by Lynn Stevens
  • Dangerous by Sara Cate

Yes, I know this is not the complete list I was so happy to read but, with the crazy hours I started to put in at the office, it’s a lot! I am also catching up with some of the reviews so at least I am on track with things.

For April I want to recover every book that I did not read in March and also follow on the book tours that I’m scheduled for. Add to that the fact that I am VERY behind on my Romanceopoly board (like in the very beginning!) – this means that out of 78 challenges (because I am doing all the Sun and Moon challenges) I have read the total amount of ZERO. I need somehow to read 10 books a month so that I can complete it in time. This is the list of books for which I have a clear deadline this April (tours or other commitments):

  1. The Plan by Whitney Dineen
  2. Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander
  3. Scarlet Oaks and the Serial Caller by Michaela James
  4. Scarlet Oaks and the Exposed Photographer by Michaela James
  5. Raindrops on Roses by Millenia Black
  6. Love by Design by Katy Ames
  7. Death by Midnight: The Secret Life of Anna Goode by Nicole Nadeau
  8. Flight of the Spark by Evelyn Puerto
  9. Gone With the Rogue by Amelia Grey

There are not so many, compared to what I am used to. Considering that I need to clean up my NetGalley shelves and catch up on the books in March, it’s still a lot. I have developed a habit of reading 10 pages every morning before going to work, as well as before bed, regardless how tired I am. So reading is progressing!  That’s it for today 😊 Enjoy the Friday and prepare your TBRs for weekend! Let me know in the comments below what you are planning on reading 😊


February Wrap Up & March TBR


February has come and gone and I have no idea when the days flew by. Granted, I spent 90% of my time at the office and I am not happy about it at all. I did my best to read something, but I was so tired and so consumed by my job that I just couldn’t focus on it. I am so disappointed because I let my job consume me again and I allowed my free time to be taken away so easily.

I cannot even remember which books I read this month, but I will do my best to list them here. Sadly, I did not manage to review any of them yet, but I spent today writing my articles and scheduling (yes, I am scheduling!) Them. So here they are:

  • Mine to Five by Tara September
  • An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham
  • One Night With His Rival by
  • The Boy Next Door by Ella James
  • A Curse So Dark And Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I failed the readathon I was participating in during February and, even if 6 books read are still 6 books, I had a big TBR to go through. Statistically speaking, I have one review up, out of 6. Good news: the next days will be full of book talks!

March has started and look at me being on time with my TBR. Again, I have ambitious plans which I must accomplish:

  1. Odriel’s Heirs by Hayley Reese Chow
  2. The Atlantis Bloodline by C.A. Gray
  3. Sting by Cindy R. Wilson
  4. Malice by Pintip Dunn
  5. The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis
  6. Sam’s Folly (Midnight Sons Book 1) by Carmen DeSousa
  7. Unleash You by Diana A. Hicks
  8. Flawless Foundations by Lauren Helms
  9. The Rebound by Lynn Stevens
  10. The Water’s Edge by Martin Morton
  11. The Waking of Ghosts by Liliana Rose
  12. A Country Dilemma by Sasha Morgan
  13. Love Under Protection by Aubree Valentine
  14. Starting Over At Acorn Cottage by Kate Forster
  15. Highland Sword by May McGoldrick
  16. A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer


16 books mentioned, but I do want to recover as much as possible from the February and January books. I have started an Excel spreadsheet where I am tracking all the titles on my TBR, so that I won’t lose count, so I am well aware of how many I leave behind every month.

With all this being said, I intend to bring back the balance to my life and stop giving my free time away so easily. Monday will be a challenge! Until next time, happy reading!

Why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day

Here I am, 2 days after Valentine’s has passed and I thought about confessing why I am not into this celebration. While I do appreciate seeing couples show their love on this special day, or during this special month, I can’t shake the guilty feeling of not enjoying this period as much as it’s due. Keep in mind that my reasons are my own and I hope I won’t get too judged about them:

1. I am a Romance reader. Love is what I read about and with every book I read, with every couple I discover, I feel the passion 10 times intensified. Evey book is a love letter that an author has written for me, the reader. So I feel loved with every chapter, every day I read.

2. Too many cheesy gifts out there. Yes, I do own a heart shaped pillow (a gift from mom) and I may buy another one at some point, but all the glowy stuff, all the plush teddy bears holding hearts or Mikey and Minnie kissing or I don’t know what else are making my eyes feel tired.

3. I am overwhelmed by the amount of flower shops that pop out in this period. Guys, if you want to buy flowers to impress, do it many more times throughout the year, not on special occasions.

4. I want to feel loved every day, I want to show my love every single day, every hour or tinny moment. Life is short and we better fill it with beautiful fillings. The entire life, not one day per year.

5. I have so many book boyfriends, I wouldn’t know which one to pick for such a day. Yes, this statement may put me in a bad position, but I have a big heart and I am willing to share it with many book boyfriends (and it’s not my fault authors create these very lovable men!)

But the main reason is that I am always happy. Regardless if I cry sometimes, if I feel angry or  exhausted, I am lucky I have my other half there by my side. I thank him and the Powers Above for this amazing gift of love and I cherish it with every breath.

So love until the end of your days. Give love unconditional, because love returns to the giver ten folds. Be happy you have been blessed with the ability to love, regardless if you have a lover or not. Love is everywhere and in everything. Enjoy it!

Weekly Quote #10

New week, new books and many books!

Hello there, how did you start your week? I had a great start, reading great books, crocheting and spending time with my other half 🙂 And I also went to work 🙂

My favorite quote from last week is from “An Everyday Hero” by Laura Trentham. I love this book so much and I am close to finishing it. I read from the same series “The Military Wife” but never got to review it. I was in awe of her writing and how well she managed to capture each emotion. The same happens in “An Everyday Hero”, but with a little more fun. I cannot wait to share my review with you guys, but until then, enjoy this fun quote:



January Wrap Up & February TBR


As I was mentioning in a previous article, January was mostly about organizing my activities, developing a schedule of sorts and making sure I find comfort and time (especially TIME) to focus on everything. Between scheduling articles, crocheting and going through my fabric stash, I did find a balance.

But back to reading. I had 15 books to read during January (TBR here) and unfortunately I did not manage to complete them all. However, I did finish more than I expected:

  1. Real Miracle by Susan Saxx
  2. It Started With a Candy Cane by Susan Saxx
  3. Real Temptation/ Special Delivery by Susan Saxx
  4. Forever My Duke by Olivia Drake
  5. Shadowed by Michelle Areaux
  6. Mister Hollywood by Mika Lane
  7. Scot Under The Covers by Suzanne Enoch
  8. Lace and Lies by Melanie Munton
  9. Unconditional by Lexxie Couper

I am planning on keeping the remaining books from January on my TBR for February, although I will not list them below. I don’t want to end 2020 with 100 books not read, from my monthly commitments.

February is already a busy month. 2 days in and I am running between books, articles and projects. I have 4 challenges I am participating in during the year and in January I have not read one single book for them. Also, I am participating in Bookweb vaLITines Readathon that is happening this month – more about it and my TBR here. As for my TBR, it’s quite challenging to say the least. Here are my reading plans:

  1. An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham
  2. Mine to Five by Tara September
  3. Am I Ugly by Siobhan Hill
  4. The Sea in Me. by A Kelly
  5. Special by Chino Chakanga
  6. Ubiety by Grzegorz Kunowski
  7. Hunted by the Dragon by Addison Carmichael
  8. Cherokee Summer by Susan Antony
  9. Grown Enough For Love by Chelsea Falin
  10. Tucker by Emily March
  11. A Country Dilemma by Sasha Morgan
  12. My Pulse by Hanna Dale
  13. Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor
  14. A Circle of Firelight by Curtis Edmonds
  15. Dangerous by Sara Cate
  16. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
  17. Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs
  18. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer
  19. A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot
  20. The Rose & The Dagger by Renée Ahdieh
  21. Matsushita Leadership by John P. Kotter
  22. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  23. One book from Nora Robers – not having it with me at the moment

23 books in 29 days….  Doesn’t look reasonable at first, but some of them are not so long and I can go through at least 2 in one day so there’s that.  This will be an incredible month!

Tell me about your plans for February J looking forward to reading about them in the comments below. Until next time, Happy Reading!


Bookweb vaLITine Readathon – TBR

Hey Guys,

I’m coming a little late with my TBR for the Bookweb vaLITine Readathon happening throughout the month of February. For those of you that you don’t know what this is about, I’m linking here the announcement video from chaptercviii. There are a lot of challenges, there are a lot of books you can read, but you can also double up on them. The challenges marked with an * there is no book, just bookish activities. So here is my TBR, where books are needed:

  1. OLD LOVE: read an old favorite or a book that brings back fond memories

Here I’m considering Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. It was one of the first books I read and analyzed. Never dared to review it officially though.

  1. BLACK HISTORY MONTH: read a book written by a Black author

Special by Chino Chakanga – it was sent to me by the author and I cannot wait to discover the story

3*. LOVE NOTE: spend at least 30 minutes (over the course of the month) leaving comments on videos, Instagram posts, blog posts, etc. of creators that you appreciate

This is already happening 🙂

  1. THAT’S MY TYPE: read a book either recommended to you or extremely IN your comfort zone (your favorite genre, author, tropes, etc.)

Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor – Historical Romance. I seem to be reading a lot of it lately and loving it! 

  1. FIRST DATE: read an author’s debut

Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs – I have a copy of this book since December. Now it’s time I give it the proper attention!

6*. SHOW AND TELL: talk about a favorite book on your social media platform of choice and show it off with a picture

Will do! Probably it will be my favorite book from January.

  1. SKINNY LOVE: read a book under 200 pages

The Sea in Me by A Kelly – 149 pages 🙂

  1. LOVE TRIANGLE: read a book that is part of a trilogy

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – I am buddy reading this one with Astrid, over at Book Lover Book Reviews and I am already behind since today I haven’t read one single page of it!

  1. SHARING IS CARING: replace this challenge with any challenge from another readathon taking place in February (one I would recommend is #Blackathon )

Well, I may be cheating here, because I am using this challenge to start my Romanceopoly board (more about Romanceopoly in the following days). So I am using the Sun Challenge of Sleuth Street:  Read a mystery where the title of the book includes any words associated with death. For example: death, grave, bones etc. And my choice is A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot

10*. BUBBLE BATH: read in a bubble bath (this can be replaced with another comfort activity if you’re not one for baths)

Oh, yes!

  1. LIBRARY LOVER’S MONTH: read a book from the library

Hmm…  not sure what to choose here, because I may not have time to reach the library. But give me a sec!

  1. ONE MAN’S TRASH: read a book that you’ve seen someone HATE or UNHAUL

This one is easy – The Rose & The Dagger by Renée Ahdieh. I love this series, but unfortunately, Jess from Peace Love Books (one of my favorite booktubers) does not like it L

13*. Simply tag the readathon on twitter or instagram using @readvalitines and use the tag #vaLITines on any social media platform ♥

Done that already and I’m gonna keep on doing it

  1. SET UP: read a book recommended to you by someone in your life

Matsushita Leadership by John P. Kotter – My other half recommended this book to me and I intend to read it!

  1. LONG TIME CRUSH: read a book that you’ve been meaning to get to for a while, but SOMETHING always gets in the way


Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – I started reading it so many times before and, while I loved the part I did get to read, I never actually finished it (and I have all the books in the series bought!)

  1. THE NEWLY WEDS: read one of the most recent books added to your TBR

Doubling with challenge 7The Sea in Me by A Kelly

  1. MORE TO LOVE: read a book over 400 pages

Doubling with challenge 8 A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

  1. NOT MY TYPE: read a book out of your comfort zone or read a book through a medium out of your comfort zone (audio books, e-book, graphic novel)

Doubling with challenge 14 – Matsushita Leadership by John P. Kotter

19*. TUNE IN: make a short playlist for your favorite book

Hmm…. I may have to come back to this one again. I’m not sure which book to pick.

  1. TOKEN OF AFFECTION: read a book that you received as a gift

I was gifted many of the books mentioned before in exchange for a review – I hope this counts. I’m choosing the same book as challenge 4 Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor

  1. COMMITMENT ISSUES: start or continue a book series

Definitely Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

22*. LIFT THEM UP: share at least five creators that you love on the platform of your choosing (we encourage diversity in your recommendation and for you to share creators that are outside your immediate social circle)

I’ll get back on that as well…

  1. YOU SEE ME: read a book that you feel represents you in some way

This is a though one… rain check for now?

  1. SHALLOW: read a book that you definitely bought for the cover

There’s one book by Nora Roberts (it’s quite big) that I bought from an airport (in Warsaw I think) but I don’t have it right now with me (visiting my parents at the moment).

  1. PICTURE PERFECT: read a comic book, graphic novel, or picture book

Am I Ugly? by Siobhan Hill – this sounds like such a fun read! And the author is amazingly friendly!


Oh, there are a lot of books to read! I don’t want to fail it and I do want to keep up with the blogger challenges too. More on that in the following days.

This was exhausting to put together, but fun nonetheless. I will be hosting Twitter sprints on the official

bookweb ♥ vaLITines (@readvaLITines) channel, so be sure to follow and join the fun!

Until next time, Happy Reading!