Weekly Quote #7

Hey All,

I hop you’ve started the week in good spirit and that you have enjoyed your weekend! In my case, I have no idea when last week ended. I had a lot to do for my “day job” and lost count of weekend hours. But it’s fine, I did manage to sneak in some good reading.

Today I am coming with a quote from “Unconditional” by Lexxie Couper, a book I have reviewed yesterday on my blog – here. This book is about a girl that comes to Australia on a scholarship and has her entire routine turned upside down. Her Parkinson’s Disease does not allow for much (in her opinion), but things change when she meets a very handsome (and famous) guy in the Australian Airport. Many things happen, some funny, some that would make you think. An interesting and intense book. Check it out!

I am always nervous when starting a new book. I have my expectations and I am afraid that those expectations will not be met. So for me it’s important how a book opens up, how well I am included in the story ever since the beginning. I did not have this issue with “Unconditional”. The tone used is so friendly and clean. I feel as if the main character would pause her life from time to time just to tell me bits and pieces.


I have selected this quote not only because it describes perfectly our main character. Maci is so strong and refuses to bend to her illness. She fights it, to the best of her abilities and does not want to pose as a victim. But we also have the best sample of the writing. Just a simple phrase can speak a lot to the type of writing and story that we have here. This is what made me open up even more to “Unconditional”. It made me feel good, despite the serious aspects that are discussed here. Beautiful!

Well, that’s it for now. Come back tomorrow to check my thoughts on another absolutely fantastic story, by the lovely Olivia Drake. Until next time, happy reading !

Goodreads Choice Awards 2019

Ever since I discovered Goodreads I have enjoyed reading about the Choice Awards. It gives me a list of titles to add to my TBR for the next year. I must admit that is difficult to cast a proper vote, with so many books out there. Well, anyway here are the results to the categories I am mostly interested in.

  1. FICTION: The Testament by Margaret AtwoodThe Testament by Margaret Atwood

The winner is no surprise, taking into account that The Handmaid’s Tale has stirred a lot of discussions. I listened to half of it on Scribd, since actually reading it was a bit difficult to follow. The writing feels heavy somehow. Once I’ll have completed it, I’ll move to The Testament for sure.

  1. FANTASY: Ninth House by Leigh BardugoNinth House by Leigh Bardugo

It won with almost 20,000 votes more. The Starless Sea by Erin Morgensten had 35,351 votes while Ninth House had 53,430. Great Result! Sadly, my book of choice for this section, The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty, received 5,588 votes. I confess, I have not read it yet, but I own a physical copy and it’s on my list. I love the series so much!

  1. ROMANCE: Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuistonRed, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

This was not such a complete surprise. 2018 and 2019have been the years of diversity. Most of the popular books have either an LGBT relationship or a different type of diverse character. But this book had 40,000 votes more than Verity by Colleen Hoover, which occupies second place. Wow! It also won the best Debut Novel.

  1. YOUNG ADULT FICTION: Five Feet Apart by Rachael LippincottFive Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott

Also my choice, it was expected. What surprises me here is the number of votes. I was expecting to see 50,000 or 70,000. The winner gathered 36,232. Looks life there are more romance readers out there 🙂



  1. YOUNG ADULT FANTASY: The Wicked King by Holly BlackThe Wicked King by Holly Black

I’ve heard mixed opinions about this one, but I am happy it won. My vote went to it as well, even if I did not read it yet.



  1. MIDDLE GRADE & CHILDREN’S: The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick RiordanThe Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan

As expected. Lately, when one wants to buy a book for a kid, Rick Riordan is the best choice (I’m speaking from experience here).



What do you think? Do you agree with the choices? Which one of these books have you read? Did you cast a vote? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, happy reading!

2019 Goodreads Challenge – Stats

While I honestly did my best to complete my Goodreads challenge for 2019, I did not manage to do that. Well, what can I say? It happens… But I am quite happy with the 65 books I did read, according Goodreads. There are some more (maximum 7) that I have finished but did not review which I will not include in the following statistics. I will probably need to reread them this year anyhow, so that I am able to write a proper review.

Ok, Let’s see: 65 books read, with a total of 14,216 pages. My average rating is 4.4 stars. Hmmm, I’m one if the kind reviewers looks like. Longest book: Song of Sacrifice by Janell Rhiannon and shortest: Home for the Holidays by Eden Summers – both amazing books, I might add!


The most and least popular books I have reviewed are: A Lie For A Lie by Helena Hunting and Corporate Christmas by Bernadette Marie. In case of this last one, I am sure it is because it was recently launched. It will quickly gain popularity for sure.


For 2020 I intend to keep my goal of 100 books and I am sure I will be able to do complete it this time. I have 3 or 4 challenges I want to complete, one of which has over 50 books. More about them will follow soon.

How did you do in 2019? How many books have you finished or, if you are a writer, how many books or stories have you written? Goodluck to all participating in the Goodreads 2020 challenge! Until next time, Happy Reading!

Bookish Resolutions – 2020

I have to admit to myself finally that I have failed to achieve my Goodreads goal for 2019. Unfortunately it was not a good year for my blogging activity: not only I had weeks I was not able to post, I failed to achieve my bookish resolutions, I did not manage to post all my reviews in time or read all the books I really wanted to.

I want to leave the failures behind, leave the bad in 2019 and start 2020 in a good spirit, with a higher motivation. I have drafted these resolutions since mid-November and they don’t sound so difficult to achieve:

  1. Stay organized and plan ahead: in the beginning of December I looked up ideas on the internet of the best ways to plan my articles. I started a planner (nothing fancy, just enough to get me through) and added as well some brainstorming pages or pages fr special projects. I am quite excited! I used this method for these last couple of weeks and it gave great results. Of course, I need to stock to it because articles ain’t gonna write and plan themselves, ya know?

  1. Prepare (and use) a predefined template for my reviews, or my weekly and monthly articles: this will eliminate the time I spend adding the same pictures or preparing the same formatting.

  1. Spend more time on graphics: having a nice banner and creating some simple pictures for my quotes has been on my list for 2019 as well but I did not invest so much time into it. Well, with point 2 from above on the table, I can accomplish this.

  1. Be active on social media: simply because having friends is nice 🙂

  1. Develop the promo and beta reading pages: this blog is a cost for me. Even if I don’t mention it enough, I do buy books and I do pay for my domain. I would like to have at least a third of the expenses recovered. So I want to add some promo activity to it, at a (very) low price.

  1. Start statistics in Excel: I was inspired by Portal in the Pages to start a data base that would give me an overview of what I have read during the year. Hers is much more complex, mine is simple and focused on what I need to follow (like making sure I post my reviews on NetGalley as well!)

  1. Complete Romanceopoly: I will come back to this in the beginning of January but Romanceopoly is a yearlong readathon inspired by Monopoly and focused on romance books. Except the board, there are also challenges that the hosts are announcing throughout the year. I want to be 100% involved.

  1. Complete my Goodreads challenge: I’m sticking to 100 books again. It’s definitely doable, if I stick to reading!

  1. Promote more: I want to promote more my 5 star reads. I feel I am doing so little in this regard and I know I can do better, with proper planning 😉

  1. Enjoy: this blog started out of passion. I love reading, it’s what keeps me grounded, it’s what keeps the negative thoughts at bay. So I plan to enjoy every book, every picture I take or make, every minute spent planning!


Ok, I’d better stop now 🙂 every time I write these resolutions I feel motivated and empowered. I would love to hear what your bookish resolutions are for 2020, so drop a message below and let’s chat 🙂splash

Happy New Bookish Year!

November Wrap Up and December TBR (?)


Hey Guys,

December is here! I don’t know if I should be excited for the festive days ahead, or sad that another year is close to an end. I cannot help myself not to think about some of the things I would have wanted to achieve in 2019, but I still have one month to go, so let’s see 😊

Looking back on November, I am quite happy with the amount of reading done. I did not manage to complete all books, but I read a lot of great ones. Here with the list:

For the end of the year, my plan is to read as much as possible because I am so behind my Goodreads goal: 56 out of 100! I have 44 to go and in one month is not reachable. But at least I will try. So this time I won’t make a TBR 😊 I have an idea about the book tours I need to attend this month, but my primary focus it to READ A LOT and try to reach those 100 books.

I may read some novellas, listen to some audiobooks…

Let the countdown begin!



Weekly Quote #7

Happy Monday!

How was last week? I read a lot, I have enjoyed most of the books and I am so happy about it. I have also finished crocheting another doily. Sadly, I also realized that I am so far behind my goal of 100 books this year and I have no idea how to catch up.

One of the books I have finished is “Hot Nights in Morocco” by Catherine Wiltcher. I have two quotes and one more that will be included in the review (also up on my blog today).


This was one of the many funny lines in this book. I loved it to the core and it made me feel good. All 400 pages! I don’t quite believe that swearing is a sign of intelligence. There should be other ways one can express the wits. But I do agree that somehow all the nerves need to come out and maybe a bad word helps. I am not encouraging this, but I sometimes recur to less… appropriate collocations. So, moving on:


Both characters in this book have baggage and are not ready to give up their walls. But in the process of falling in love, they somehow hut each other. Jake has a stronger personality and his words hurt, same as his actions. Charlie is overwhelmed by the new world she has discovered, but she is quickly wrapped up in the famous producer. So they both end up doing more damage then intended.

This was a great story and I do invite you to check my review and learn more about this book. Also, I would really want to know what are your plans for the week, so leave your comments below and let’s chat 😊

Weekly Quote #6

Hey there!

New week, new quote, new books to read, many new things! But enough about me, how are you guys? Any interesting plans for this week? Any new books? Got some to recommend ?

This Saturday I finished “Anyone but Cade” by Penelope Bloom and I’ve been quoting this book to so many people! It has so many great lines. Penelope Bloom is amazing, it’s hard to imagine it’s my first book by her. What have I been reading?! If you want to read my thoughts on this book, head over to my review here. You can also check my Facebook or Pinterest page for more quotes from this book and many others (buttons on the right side), but let me get to the one I chose for today:


It was a difficult decision to make as I have another funny quote lined up. But the profoundness of Cade, as a character, lies exactly in this quote. In his crazy and care-free attitude, he has deep emotions that he may not be willing to let into light. In this line, he may have said the most beautiful words in the entire book. This line right here made me love him so so much.

The thing with feelings is rather true, to be honest. You can run as fast as you can, as far away as possible, they will still come back with a brutal force. The impact is painful and hard, but once you learn to deal with them, things start fitting back into place. So don’t bottle them up, face them and learn to embrace them, be good or bad. That’s what makes us creatures with soul. (I’m avoiding “humans” because my cat has feelings too 😎 ).

Bye for now!