The Wanderers by Jessica Miller



[I was given a digital edition for free from the author, in exchange for an honest review]

The book focuses on the life of eighteen year old Ella and how she discovers the true origins of her family. First chapter offers a small glimpse at the mystery that will be slowly unraveled through the pages of the novel. Ella lost her boyfriend in a car accident and since then she’s been having nightmares about the strange yellow eyed man who tried to kill her that night and the anonymous person who saved her.  After this incident, her parents become overprotective and thus she feels suffocated by all their care and attention. She is looking forward to going to college with her best friend Josie to get away from them and her two older brothers.

While there are some aspects that I did not enjoy and I will elaborate below, the book was a great read, with amusing expressions and moments. The author’s writing feels natural and I found myself enjoying the witty dialogues between the characters. Despite the slow progress of the plot, I got caught up in the pages and did not want to put it down till the last word!

The Wanderers_1_rev

One of the things that I did not enjoy is the difficult way in which the story unfolds. We are overloaded with irrelevant actions or dialogues and because of it the book is longer than needed. Also, there are moments when one may think: “Ok, now she finds out” but nothing happens. It becomes frustrating by the end.

From characters point of view, Ella is close to the typical teenager who wants her independence. What I did like about her was the fact that she was neither too good nor was she too rebellious. She had a little bit of everything. What I did not like was the fact that she never asked questions or she never waited for an explanation. For example, she overhears one of her brothers arguing with their father about the decision of not telling her the truth, but she does not try to find out what was that all about.

Ella’s friend Josie is the party type girl, always wanting to have fun. Her actions have an important role in shaping Ella’s love life. As for Tristan and Jack, the two boys fighting for Ella, I can say they were very nicely presented in the book. Even though Tristan was asking for forgiveness too much, his personality brought so much light and charm to the story.

I believe that the book needs a little bit of editing as well, as there were some grammar mistakes and repeated words. But then again, I probably had a draft version.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and since the ending left me wanting for more, I will for sure read the next books in this series. My rating is 4 out of 5 stars, even though there is a lot of room for improvements. Since this was a fun read, with a story that keeps you hanging till the end, I cannot give it less. I would like to thank Jessica Miller for the opportunity and congratulate her for this great book!










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