Releasing the Demons (The Order of the Senary #1) byL.D. Rose

releasing-the-demonsA book that shows that even the darkest hearts can be lit. A book about trust and acceptance, not only one about vampires, halves and humans. This is my perception over “Releasing the Demons”.

The story unfolds around the members of the Order of the Senary and it opens in a rather strong way, with Blaze struggling between his wish of survival and death resignation. Held captive by Cyrus Chimola, he is rescued by his brother Dax, after a long period of mental and pysical torture. Back in the city, he looks for vengeance against the vampires, trying to save every night as many people as possible. Detective Valerie Mederos tries through her job to do the same thing, she herself being haunted by the image of her sister’s dead body, which was killed by a vampire at a very young age.  Their paths meet when Blaze is suspected of a murder he didn’t commit. He will soon find out that his enemy Cyrus is back and looking for him.

Even though predictable, the narrative evolves in just the right rhythm: the reader doesn’t get bored and remains captive in the story. The detailed descriptions of places, buildings or situations are welcomed, as they offer a clearer picture in our minds. Another very good aspect is how the feelings between the main characters appear. I would say their relationship starts in a normal way: they meet, learn to trust each other, tell stories about their past, they worry about one another and finally fall in love. Neither Valerie is not depicted as being the most beautiful woman, nor Blaze the bravest or strongest.

Speaking about characters, Blaze is a hybrid, conceived by mixing vampire DNA with human. The way the hybrids were created is very well described in the book, making it more realistic. Every one of them developed a special ability; in Blaze’s case he could manipulate fire. The months he was a prisoner left him with physical marks (he lost his sight and could not fell anything with his hands), but also emotional ones, being bitten, cut, starved and forced to kill to stop his hunger. It is easily understood that this experience influenced his personality, thus he becomes ruthless with his enemies. The regret towards the human lives he had to take in captivity determines him to help the humans, trying somehow to clean his conscience. He will accomplish this with Valerie’s help – his nightmares will be replaced by the feelings towards her and the wish to be better for her.


About Valerie, I could say she is the general type of woman detective. She has won her partner’s respect by showing courage and commitment to her job. She is not a superhero, she doesn’t have emotional outbursts, she is rational and she’s using her intuition, but not to an exaggerated point. She manages to trust Blaze and his family, understanding that not everything that has fangs kills people.

There are as well some aspects that forced me not to give the highest score to this book. I would have expected to find out more about the vampire invasion and how a big city was led close to destruction.  Also, the ending seemed rather hasty. I didn’t have time to realize who helped who and who saved who and how did them get to where they got. Let’s just say that I would have expected a bigger “WOW”.

To sum up, I would like to congratulate L.D. Rose for the great quality writing of this book. For sure I’ll add the next ones in this series on my “To Read” list as this one left me with a lot of unanswered questions.

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