The Blood in Their Veins by Christian Green


[I was given an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review]

The book opens up a world of fantasy and magic, where vampires, witches and humans try to coexist in the same community. Guided by very clear rules, their stability is shaken when Patricia Foster is murdered. Even if the town Sheriff tries to cover it up and rules it an accident for the sake of peace and tranquility, Patricia’s children intend to find out more about the surroundings of their mother’s death.  Patricia abandoned the triplets soon after giving birth and thus Derek, Gavin and Simone had to manage on their own, being oblivious to the fact that their mother was constantly watching over them. They were taken under Damian Kane’s wing and trained to become vampire assassins.

A lot of twists and turns hide behind the story. You may think you have it all figured out, but then you realize that actually someone else was doing the deceiving. Without disclosing more about the action, I can say that you will be surprised at every page turn, even if some things don’t add up in the end.

Magic, vampires and more! Looking forward to Book 2

The main characters are very different. Gavin is the impulsive one, while Derek is the one doing the planning. Simone looks as if she’s the link between the two, always trying to calm them. There are no actual fighting scenes outside of the main subject, so I cannot say if they were brave or not – I must rely on the telling of others in regards to this. As well, it’s not quite clear if they were half bloods, half breeds, witches or warlocks. There is also a little fling between Derek and one of the waitresses and to be honest I don’t know how that happened.

I did enjoy how the author imagined all the vampire history, with how the world as we know it came to exist.  It is an easy read and I did not get bored – also because it’s a small book. I see it as an opening for the coming ones in this series. The ending is quite unexpected so I’m looking forward for the real action. This one gets 4 stars.


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