Love on the Rocks (with Salt) By Charlene Ross

My dear book lovers, here we have a novella by Charlene Ross, which gives us an idea about what happened to Laney Delaney, before the action in “Frosted Cowboy” (review here). I was a little scared to read it, since I already knew the outcome by realoveontherocksding “Frosted Cowboy”. Still I can tell you that “Love on the Rocks” is equally amazing. Even if it’s not that rich in themes or even if it does not get so much in detail, due to the short length, it’s a great read, with an action that unfolds at just the right pace.

After her recent break up, Laney tries to get her mind off by focusing on her career. Until one day, when she meets Kyle. This is the beginning of a beautiful love story, a story about two people who decided to walk on the same path, but without noticing, split at one of the crossroads. You’ll have to read the ending by yourselves.

The action is grouped in nice chapters, covering one year before meeting Kyle and the entire relationship with him. As I mentioned, the action doesn’t feel rushed, it shows a vulnerable Laney and it provides the ingredients that make “Frosted Cowboy” as well a 5 star book. I absolutely loved how the two books were linked in the end!

So, another 5 stars to Charlene Ross and her book “Love on the Rocks (with salt)”! Enjoy, preferably while sipping a margarita. Oh, you don’t know how to make it in house? Check the last page (but don’t peek at the ending!!! ).


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