Sorrow’s Heart by G.S. Scott

[I received a free digital edition from the author in exchange for an honest review]

 I gave this book a 4 star rating mainly because I see potential for a grea51Et8NzJicL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_t sequel. This is the story of a child abused by a priest worshiping the Lord of chaos. He performs experiments of her and some other children as well, but he will soon realize that The Girl was the only one who managed to have special abilities such as empathy and communicating with animals.

The action in grouped in ten chapters, each named based on The Girl’s emotions or important moments. For its short length, the action does not feel rushed, though the ending seems to be a little sudden. Written on the third person, the story is told from The Girl’s perspective. Having been kept in a cage for many years, she understands little about what happens on the outside world. Thus unfortunately it may be hard for the reader to understand the complete picture, to understand what sort of experiments was her Master performing.

Her innocence is very well depicted, starting from her poor vocabulary to her lack of knowledge when it comes to human interactions. She is fooled by the priest’s kind words and feels she has a duty to obey him and please him. She has many scars and emotional trauma started in her childhood when her mother gave her up willingly (at least in her mind) to her captor.


What I admired and appreciated was how the author decided to keep The Girl’s anonymity. For the most part of the book, she is just another one of the priest’s victims, just a random girl who randomly happened to develop some special powers. Still once she herself understands she has a will and a personality, once we the readers understand her importance, she becomes someone. She becomes a specific someone, with a name. I do believe this is the proof of an exceptional writing style!

I do hope this short story has a continuation and that I get to read how this girl becomes more powerful and more refined as a woman. With a clean writing and a very good way of expressing emotions, this story deserves a place among my 4 star books!



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