Secretly Craved (Billionaire Bear Brotherhood) by Lily Cahill

[I received a digital edition for free from the author in exchange for an honest review]secrretlycraved

I must admit I am not used to bear shape shifters. Most of the books I’ve read using this concept were about wolves, so I was q1uite intrigued about the story and the legend behind this bear thing.

Story is about a young reporter with a promising career, but still looking for that exclusive news that would make her famous. She is assigned to an article regarding a property that was of interest to the B3 conglomerate. Apparently this was just a piece of wild land, but according to the tip her boss received, there could be more to the story. She starts an investigation that leads to Marcus Sinclair, the billionaire handsome man who wanted to purchase the territory. Marcus feels the attraction between them and he agrees to answer her questions in exchange for an evening together. And so it begins!

Well, overall, I would have expected a lot more. But since I laughed at times, since I could not put it away till the end, I give it 4 stars. The novel is of short length (for my taste ), it has close to 120  pages in electronic format and written in  very neat way. The action doesn’t feel rushed and everything seems to happen at the normal pace. I would have expected a little more intrigue, a little more about B3, also the ending was sudden, though the author did a very nice job in hiding it. The hot scenes were as well nicely built.


About the character, I liked Skye very much. I loved how she always had her job in mind, even if she was in the presence of a good looking guy. She maintained her professionalism till the end and that makes her not only a strong woman but a well-defined figure in the book as well. Both she and Marcus agree there is nothing wrong with a one-time fling or with having a no strings attached relationship and try to take advantage f their time together as much as possible. Marcus is preoccupied with restoring his reputation inside B3, so he definitely does not need a shift in his focus now. I got the feeling he was sometimes torn between the man and the bear. Still, the ease in which he shifted revealed a perfect symbiosis and a long established acceptance.

And there is the fated mate issue… I won’t say more, I’ll let you get to it yourselves.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, but I do expect more from the other ones in the series. There are some untouched aspects, especially in regards to the B3 members and their history. The relationship between Skye and Marcus was well written and definitely the center of this first novel.




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