Back to Us by Teresa Roman

[I received a free digital edition from the author in exchange for an honest review]

You know what is the best thing about book blogging (except the book talks)? You get to read these amazing stories that stick to your mind and heart. Some not in a gbacktousood way, but most are just pieces of the reader’s soul. This novel by Teresa Roman is even more than that. I would consider it a life lesson as well. Life throws us in some unpleasant circumstances, but being able to stand up, stop feeling sorry for ourselves and believing in us is what will get us through whatever happened.

“Back to Us” is the story about two broken souls, one more than the other I’d say, and how they try to put aside their differences, how they try to overcome emotional obstacles and learnt to trust themselves and lean on each other. Abandoned by her family at a young age, Jessica finds a job at a community center for the summer. She meets Justin, a handsome ex-military guy and they both are attracted to each other. Once they realize there can be more than friendship both take a step back and don’t believe they are good for one another. A tumultuous love story with ups, but more downs, starts and the ending, even though predictable, or better expected, comes as a relief for the two burdened souls.

Jessica is followed by her family’s expectations of never being good enough. Being left alone in America at 14 years old, she had to take care of herself, while finding shelter in group homes. She was now living with her brother, in a crappy apartment in Brooklyn and being an education major made her the right candidate for the community center job. Her bad experience with guys doesn’t help much either. When she meets Justin, she is convinced nothing more than friendship can be between them. Guys like him don’t fall for girls like her. Financially there is also a difference between them so no chance! Or so she thought…

But Justin has his own issues and he as well believes Jessica deserves better. His short period in the army took his future away from him and is now dependent of his family. His PTSD is as well an obstacle. He does not want to burden Jess with his issues, more so when she accidently finds out his condition. Both fail to believe they can rely on one another; both fail to believe in the other’s feelings.

If they will succeed in piecing together their hearts, in mending their issues or not you will find out by reading Teresa’s book. I can only tell you there is no easy road to happiness, but for sure one can get there. It’s only a matter of trust.

“Back to Us” earned its place among my 5 stars books and into my heart. With a very easy writing and a lot of emotions, the book will capture you as well, I’m sure of that.


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