Book Review: You Don’t Know Me

Book & Author Details:YouDontKnowMe
You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins
Publication date: August 17th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
An orphan and aspiring dancer learns her father wasn’t who she thought, when she inherits $50 million dollars, and two difficult brothers she never knew she had. Can their rockstar best friend Alec stand up for her… and can he change her mind about wanting to be alone?

My Review:

This book is something special. Speaking of family ties and friendship – this title will always come to mind. It is a very nice way of combining a great love story with the relationship between brothers.

There are many reasons why I liked this book, the most simple of them is the writing. I’ve marked at least 5 lines with some wise words. There are no facts left to random, the author really paid attention to details. The characters were well developed and even there is some sibling rivalry there. A ton of funny moments, some butterflies and instant attraction are also on the menu.

Rue is a simple girl, but once she accepts the wealth she’s come into, her first reaction is to prove to her new found brothers, especially Jack, that she belongs in their rich world and she is able to handle herself as well as they. She was not ready though for the media coverage her life would have. Constantly challenged by him, she finds an ally in her other brother Sean and even if Alec is also challenged to seduce Rue, both feel the chemistry. I liked how they instantly click and how she is determined to prove him he’s worth of her affection.

The brothers have to cope with a life constantly under media attention. They forget about their passions, while trying to do what everybody expects them to: party and get drunk. Their little sister will change their life though. They will learn to accept her and protect her, even against their best friend.

I did not like their mother very much. I think she can be improved as a character.

I decided to give a total of 4 stars and I recommend this book as it’s something different. It’s a great combination that will catch you from the very beginning.

“I’ve written books since age five or six when I first sold a crayon-illustrated short story toFaleena37-1000 my parents for a dollar.”
Faleena Hopkins is drawn to telling stories of love or redemption, and often both. Hiding behind the pen name “Sabrina Lacey” when she began writing, Faleena now publishes only under her own name. She’s an actress and director, too, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with her crazy-cute dog, Pippin. Learn more about her filmmaking career at
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