Book Blitz: Frost Burn

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Frost Burn

by K.T. Munson and Nichelle Rae


GENRE: FantasyMediaKit_BookCover_FrostBurn


Fire and Frost; no two nations have ever been so divided. Only two bridges across the great River Gora connects them and their long standing hatred. When spring comes early, the Frost Nation looks upon the Fire Nation with suspicion. Soon they will discover that the rising rivers, warmer temperatures, and the earthquakes are all a result of something far more terrifying then each other. When the world seems to turn against them they will only have each other to look to. Can they put their differences aside long enough to fix their planet? They must or face extinction.



Thea’s heart raced. She’d heard of this terror, but she’d never actually seen it with her own eyes. She doubted the kraken even existed, to be honest. The disturbance of the planet must have woken it from whatever slumber it had been in, sending it into waters it had never known before.

The tentacles that Thea and Kirill could see began to tremble around the icy peaks, and the entire iceberg jolted again from the incredible power of the massive creature tugging on it. Thea and Kirill grabbed on to each other to keep their balance as the island sloshed around under them. Thea could only assume more tentacles were wrapped around different peaks out of view. When the ice beneath them settled again, Thea and Kirill glanced at each other in wide-eyed horror. Then, as if by silent command, both of them continued running full speed north.

By the time they reached the northern edge and the ocean was in view, the sun had set and several more tentacles were stretching from the sea, wrapping around the tall peaks of the iceberg. There had to be thirteen visible tentacles, thousands of feet long or more, reaching from the depths of the ocean to those high columns and peaks. Ocean water dripped like a steady rain where the appendages stretched overhead.

Thea watched the tentacles begin to tremble again. With a deafening crack and a roar from the creature that sounded more like a loud moan from deep underneath the sea, the ice peaks gave way, breaking where they had been yanked. Kirill tackled Thea to the ice again while the island jostled violently, shielding her from the flying ice shards. His cold burned, but Thea wasn’t going to complain; she knew her heat was burning him as well.

Peeking over Kirill’s arm, Thea saw a ripple of waves disturb the surface of the ocean, and her eyes went wide. Just beneath the water she could see the kraken’s head, or at least one massive eye—its left eye, which had to be five hundred feet long from one corner to the other. The eye took up nearly her entire view—which meant the kraken’s head alone had to be about a mile long. Its tentacles? Six times that length, easily.

The Knight slowly pushed himself up until he was just hovering over her. He was already sweating and looking exhausted. “That thing,” he said, panting with his eyes closed, “is going to tear the iceberg apart.” He swallowed heavily and looked down at her. “I’m barely holding it together.”

Seeing him so exhausted, knowing the effort he’d already put into traveling this far, and recalling the fact that everyone she loved and cared about would die if they didn’t get this iceberg to Rask intact, Thea’s resolved hardened in a way it never had before. The stakes had never been so high.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 K.T. Munson is an independent author who enjoys creating worlds with words. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.

Nichelle Rae was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her love for writing began when she was fourteen years old. Through the years she has gotten much praise from peers, professors, and professional author’s she has had a chance to work with on her writing and her ability to put emotions into text and fantastic action scenes.


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8 thoughts on “Book Blitz: Frost Burn

    1. Hi Mai! Thanks for visiting us again! 🙂 I think every book I’ve read influences me in someway. I’m a certified bookworm and I have a VERY long list of favorites LOL! But a few that stick out would be Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind, MistBorn by Brandon Sanderson, The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, and The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore to name a VERY few. 🙂 I could go on forever though. What are your favorites?


  1. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us on this stop on the Frost Burn excerpt tour. Thanks so much to Lilly’s Book World for hosting us.

    If there are any questions, my co- author and I will be popping in periodically to answer them. You may be wondering what it was like to co-author together. Did we get along? Did we want to strangle each other? What was our process like since we’ve never met in person? 🙂

    No, we’ve never met. I’m from Massachusetts and KT is from Alaska, and we wrote this book together in a year. 🙂 So feel free to ask away! We’ll both be around.

    Have a wonderful day all!


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