Book Review: Sole Obsession



About the BookSam_So_Cover

Title: Sole Obsession

Author: Pam Stanley

Genre: Erotic Romance / Comedy


A sizzling red hot and very funny erotic romance series starring the spunky heroine Sydney Wilde, presents Book 1- ‘Sole Obsession’. This is the perfect easy pool read book, complete with suspense and comedy, and topped with a large serving of indulgent sexy scenarios. The storyline follows a frustrated woman looking for love, all the while unaware she is the sole obsession of a predator who is determined they shall be together. The Wilde Horses are her group of friends, all sexually confident and happy to share their skills and passion. You will certainly recognize at least one person you know among these characters, if you don’t recognize yourself. The book will thrill, excite, and make you laugh out loud as well as look over your shoulder more often. Enjoy the journey and look for the next in the series, Book 2-‘ Evangeline,Miss Match’… AKA ‘The Online Date Killer’ coming soon!

My Review:

This is one of those books you don’t want to finish. Because you’ve spent so much time enjoying it, you just don’t want and end to it. When I was given the possibility to read and review this book my initial thought was: how can you mix comedy with sex and get a good book? I saw that it was quite praised over the web so I decided to give it a shot.

And a good idea that was! It is a quite lovely read with a story that will remain in your mind and characters that are very nicely built. They are all unique in their way. You can find funny moments, love moment, sex scenes, girl talk, hear about the other’s experiments. Believe me, it’s exactly as the blurb says: „the perfect easy pool read”.

The plot is also structured well, it develops in a fast pace and the suspense is there too J there is little to nothing not to like about Sydney’s story, or better yet, adventure in finding love and sexual accomplishment.

Hope you like it, come back and leave a comment if you decide to try it.


Author Bio

Pam Stanley is a Southern California transplant to Kansas City, and if you are in a great pub or night-life place there, he or she is probably standing right near you watching for you to do something funny or ridiculous so a good story comes out of it. When not writing, Pam is tossing back beers with friends, running for miles, or taking in any of the fantastic live sports and music Kansas City has to offer. Most of Pam’s friends don’t even know who Pam Stanley actually is. Do you?


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