Book Review: The Quick & The Sharp

About the Book:tqats

Book title: The Quick & The sharp
Author: Trevor Elder
Masked murder victims and a killer that taunts and targets the police.
A detective that doesn’t go by the book.
A rookie partner that does.
Kindle Edition, 304 pages
Published July 20th 2016

My Review

I am sorry I doubted this book’s potential in the beginning!  This was a lesson to myself, not to judge before reading. Here goes my review:

 This is one of those books that you start reading and you get so caught up with that you don’t even notice that you’re close to the end. You just cannot put it down. It is more than your average thriller, with great characters and good quality writing!

 Detective Stack Chestnut is following a series of strange murders that seem to be of religious origin. He and his rookie partner will have to uncover who is the one behind the murder of several victims wearing goat masks. Having no clear clues to follow, Stack will have to apply unconventional methods that will not raise his partner’s suspicion.  It will get more complicated when the killer starts taunting them and even send them on wild goose chase.  Give the story a shot and you’ll find a fabulous book with some great turns.


 Regarding the characters, I’ll limit my comments on two of them, which make the delight of the book: Stack and the killer. Our detective is followed by the death of his old partner and believes Jenny, his current one, is actually Internal Affairs.  Still, his demeanor speaks “crazy” right from the start. He has this intuition any good detective with experience has when it comes to a crime. While Jenny is trying to cover as much as possible from interviewing a suspect, Stack knows exactly  which angle to follow and which answer hides a potential clue. His alternative methods are… something that you’ll read about in the book! Our killer is also a spectacular character. The author managed to create one with a chaotic mind, with unpredictable actions (and reactions). The dialogues he has with Stack are quite nice, I would say they are a match made in Heaven !

“Okay, so I’m supposed to go knock on all my neighbor’s doors to find out which one you supposedly killed?”

“I don’t know porky, what’s the protocol?”

“Is this a test?”

“I don’t know, is it?”

“I don’t know either”, said Stack.

A pause.

“What are you doing?” asked the goat.

“Nothing, just chillin`. You?”

“I’m walking away from a murder scene.”

“Sounds exciting.”

 I must admit I am sometimes skeptical when it comes to thrillers, mostly because some of them don’t raise my attention that much! Still, in this case I was captured by the story, mesmerized by the characters and I had lots of fun, as there are many lines full of humor (the good quality one). I would recommend it to any fan of thrillers, but not only. The book can be read by everyone who enjoys spending some good quality time between pages and chapters.


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Author Bio:

 Trevor is from Seattle, Washington and is a big fan of the Seahawks(NFL) and Mariners(MLB). He loves to play golf and is constantly tinkering with his swing. Trevor is also an Eagle Scout and enjoys camping, hiking, exploring, fishing, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities.

 Author’s note:

 The house on the cover is my great grandparent’s first home. It’s just one small room and my grandmother eventually moved it into her backyard, cleaned it up, and used it to store antiques, which is where I first encountered it. It’s the inspiration for my detective’s family home.


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