Book Review: Stuck on You

About the Book


Title: Stuck on You

Author: Patricia Mar


A hilarious love story for anyone in search of a happy ending.

At last, it’s the day of the interview, and Sara absolutely must get the job. It’s two years since she graduated, and she’s had little success in her career or her personal life. Much to her dismay she is desperately late, teetering on her heels, soaking wet and out of breath by the time she arrives at the offices of Inside Look magazine.

Things are going from bad to worse and when the receptionist tells her the job has already been given to someone else, Sara tries to slip away without being noticed. But she finds herself stuck in the lift with none other than the dazzling model Daniel Gant. After being thrown together by chance, Sara can’t believe it when Daniel wants to see her again. Is her luck beginning to change?

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A copy of the book was provided to me by ARIA Fiction. My post is part of the book tour organized by them. I ‘d like to thank them and the author for allowing me to take part in it. 

My Review:

The book covers the relationship between Sara and Daniel, starting with how they meet, how they get to know each other, evolve as a couple and how they react when faced with different obstacles. Daniel is a very successful model and spends his life traveling from place to place and taking part in a lot of photo shoots in extraordinary places. On the other hand, Sara is struggling to find a job and prove to her family she can maintain her financial independence.

The story is told on the third person, but follows Sara’s life and emotions. We do not get to see Daniel’s point, though the author has done a great job in giving him the ability to express his feelings loud and clear. Also, the way the two characters meet is a memorable scene, full of funny actions. Sara is a lovely young woman, Daniel a public person with a hidden private life, but the way their dialogue flows, the way they act around each other is as natural as can be found outside of the covers.

… remember to smile at life. It’ll smile back at you.

Daniel has always been in the spotlight. Either the pictures from his latest photo shoot or images from the last social event he attended, he was always on the covers of magazines. Still, he keeps away from prying eyes the things he loves most, his true personality, his failures or disappointments in life. Surprised by how natural Sara acted around him, he decides to get to know her better. He is willing to open up all his private moments and share them with her. Will this be enough?

Sara is looking for a relationship close to perfection. She has tried to find her perfect guy, but until now, none of them reached her standards. Her bad luck in finding a job did not do well to her self-esteem either. So when she meets the perfect model Daniel, she does not have such high hopes, even if he promises to call her. Imagine her surprise when the guy not only calls, but does whatever is necessary to convince her to accept his diner invitation. I can say that most of the issues they have come from her insecurities. She believes she’s not good looking enough for him and that her low (or lack of) interest in the fashion industry will be the two things that will separate them. But she is not at all overreacting, she is not the whiny type of female character. I mean, I would feel the same if my boyfriend were super-hot model with his picture everywhere!

… everybody knows that at night your worries turn into demons and that you have to fight to defend yourself from them.

I liked the book very much. It is a clean love story that brings butterflies and gets you dreaming. The sweet and easy ways in which Sara and Daniel get to understand each other’s fears and emotions was very well put in words. I recommend it with all my heart.



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