Book Review: Royal Bond

Book Title: Royal Bondrb

Author: Megan Maldonado


They are forever…

Sydney Field’s life is a rollercoaster on steroids with one constant—Ryan Edwardson.

Best friends since a projectile crayon incident in kindergarten, Sydney and Ryan have stuck it out together through thick and thin, pranks and rants, and anything in between.

One kiss changes everything…

As Sydney does her best to sort through her new found feelings for Ryan and mend what she broke in their friendship, the rollercoaster makes a complete one-eighty, unveiling Ryan’s lifelong secrets.

Thrust into a world chalk full of royalty and kingdoms and wielders, Sydney starts to wonder what’s up or down, right or wrong, reality or fantasy.

In a twist of events, Sydney finds herself enveloped in a world she never knew she belonged to. Friends become enemies, strangers become her survival, and love becomes the ultimate price.

My Review:

Part one of the “Royal Series” is as best as it could have been expected. With the exceptional writing style that Megan Maldonado has accustomed us, this book falls obviously into the select category of 5 star books. Not to mention that, after reading part 3, I believe it’s the best from the series. Though, I still have part 2… Hmm, I wonder…

Ok, back to the review at hand. Part one follows the story of the Air Kingdom. We meet Sydney Field and Ryan Edwardson, best friends since they both can remember. Can a kiss destroy a friendship so long? Or can Ryan’s secrets put distance between them? Oh well, the story is far more complicated! The ending will blow your mind and leave you breathlessly waiting for more.

Sydney is kind of weird, though she is our nowadays teenager. She is used to take care of herself, she has confidence in herself, mainly due to her friendship with Ryan, she needs his friendship as a life line. He is her only confident, the only person from whom she doesn’t hide anything. That’s why the feelings their kiss brought out scare her. She pushes him away, she takes unreasoned decisions and doesn’t know how to act around him anymore. What she is unaware is that Ryan and his world have a much more significant effect or consequences on her own destiny.

“I like you. I like you a lot, like almost as much as I like sleeping and a bit more than I like chocolate.”

Ryan is doing his best to keep her away from his secrets, preventing her to find out his true origins. He wants her in his life and fears that once the truth will come out there can be no turning back. Being clueless about the way Sydney was affected by their kiss, he has trouble understanding her actions lately.

They both have to open up about their feelings and secrets. But this is not all they have to face. There are secrets that have been long kept hidden and that will astonish them both, A history that only the king and the queen would know. As I mentioned, the ending is something you cannot imagine.

A story that gets more complicated and more complex as pages are turned! This is a series worth following and in my humble opinion, this book deserves 5 stars. I loved it and thank you Megan Maldonado for yet another great book!

About the Author:

Megan Maldonado lives in Miami. She spends her spare time curled up in bed with every paranormal romance she can get her hands on, watching Marvel movies with her nerdy family, and writing. Megan writes Young Adult Paranormal Romance and New Adult Paranormal Romance.


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