Book Review: Sweet


About the Book lh004-sweet-cover-v02-front-cover

Title: Sweet

Author: Lisa Hahn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cat Brown spends the first six years of her career as one of the lowest-ranking members of the Bretton Falls Ballet. Despite the dancer’s undisputable talent, artistic director Lillian Smith insists Cat is too short for a leading role. When Lillian is forced to retire, world-renowned ballet dancer Dmitri Fedorov takes over and casts Cat as the premier performer in his first production with the company. Cat struggles to fend off a host of distractions as she prepares for the most important role of her career: the most insurmountable of which is her instant attraction to the new boss.

Dmitri, once known for his theatrical performances and womanizing proclivities, disappears into seclusion after a horrific car accident shatters his knee and renders him unable to dance. Looking to escape the constant reminders of how far he’s fallen, Dmitri escapes to Bretton Falls in hopes of elevating the small ballet company there to international prestige. The task proves to be more challenging than Dmitri had bargained for when his surprising interest in Cat Brown becomes fodder for gossip among the company.

Cat and Dmitri both have a lot riding on their upcoming production of The Nutcracker, knowing that their careers depend upon the outcome. However, the biggest challenge they face will be staying away from one another.

My Review:

This is indeed a sweet book. It has a rather simple story, but it’s written neatly, with nice characters that try to act as best as they can to fulfill their dreams but also not to cause problems for those around.

Cat is 100% dedicated to ballet. When she’s not dancing, she’s designing and sewing skirts for her and her best friend. She was never given the opportunity to shine in a major role until Dimitri Fedorov comes in her life. The ex ballet star, good looking and all, takes interest in her professionally and also personally. A nice love story starts, with both characters trying not to let their feelings get in the way of their careers.

On the positive side, I loved Cat and Dimitri very much. Both are doing their best to excel at ballet – Cat as a dancer and Dimitri as a director. Failure is not an option for any if them. A romance between a dancer and her boss is not the road to an impeccable career for any of them. They both are conflicted, but at the same time strong willed. The author has done a great job creating the characters as equals.

On the negative, there is not much to complain about.  I would have wanted a story just a little more complicated. But other than that, I don’t have anything bad to say.

Moral of this book could be: things have a way of arranging themselves in the right order. Which is what I need to believe right now. This book gave me the chance to start the year with a positive attitude so I recommend it with all my heart. Enjoy 🙂

 Author Bio

Lisa Hahn writes romance novels across multiple sub-genres. She’s interested in stories that take place in either small towns or strange worlds, and she strives to create honest, passionate characters her readers can relate to.

Currently, Lisa and her husband live in northern New Jersey with their two dogs (Jonas and Cassie) and their cat (Blueberry). When she’s not writing, Lisa can be found reading, practicing yoga, working out, watching professional wrestling, stitching a piece of embroidery, making/eating vegan food, and rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.



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