Book Review: Remember For Me

About the Book:remember

Title: Remember for Me

Author: Diana Tarant Schmidt

Published: May 25th 2016 by Open Books


Clara Eros thought her life was ending with Alzheimer’s. She was mistaken. A war between good and evil has raged for as long as humanity has existed, and the balance of power between its forces has always remained equal. But that longstanding balance has begun to shift, and the survival of mankind may be at risk. What is the source of this duality, and how do the proponents of light and darkness use humans to further their cause?

When Clara Eros awakens with no memory, her questions are fundamental: who is she; and why is she here? The answer she receives is predetermined and singular: she has been recruited to fight a battle against the reign of darkness.

But is Clara just a pawn in a much larger game? Once her transformation is complete, Clara finds herself, in body and mind, as a younger, stronger version of the person she can no longer remember, and now she must search for the common thread hidden within malevolence and turn the tide in a war where humanity is succumbing to chaos and brutality. Will she be strong enough to bring humanity back into the light?

My Review:

As I was mentioning in my previous articles, I have a big pile of ARCs, some waiting to be reviewed, other waiting to be read as well! The problem with having so many ARCs, I have to choose which one to start with. I tried to apply the first-in-first-out rule but it doesn’t work much since it mostly depends on what am I in the mood for. And the day comes when I look around my ARCs to choose the next one and I feel sorry I did not select it earlier!

“Remember For Me” is a book with a meaning that remains beyond its pages. I was captured mostly by the idea and how the author decided to create a story around it. The beginning might seem a bit difficult to follow, but once you get a grip of what is actually told, for sure you’ll be as mesmerized as I was.

The idea that there is more to life than sickness, the idea that good and evil must coexist in a balance are both explained in tight relation with religious aspects from different cultures. And around this balance we have our main character, Clara Eros, who plays a bigger role than she possibly imagined.

Have you ever thought what happens after we are gone from this world? Maybe nothing awaits us, or maybe we are awakened to a greater version of ourselves. This book raises a lot of questions and is the type of story that sticks with you long after you’ve closed it. I loved it and I loved how the author created an amazing story around Cancer, Alzheimer, Good, Evil, Religion, concepts which have such powerful influence in our life.


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