On The List For February

Hey guys,

I am back with my list of books to read or listen for February. My January wrap up was posted earlier today so it seems only fair to have something February related, in the month of February.

So before diving into my list, I want to share with you some ideas I have for the next period. I will be receiving some ARCs in paperback format, so I decided to make some „unboxing” articles. Most of the books I read are in electronic version, so it seems appropriate to make it special when I receive a hard copy. It’s like a „thank you” to the author or publishing house but also a way to capture my first reaction, my first contact with it. It will be fun to write and I hope fun to read.

I plan on being more involved in the book related discussions, maybe in book tags or even create my own monthly tags which hopefully I will share with my fellow bloggers.

This last week I decided to always end my day reading some pages. I usually fall asleep watching a movie or TV, but I find that reading before sleep helps me disconnect from all things in tahat day and I just sleep better.

Now that I’ve laid some of my ideas, let’s see what I have in my TBR and TBL, in random order:

February TBL:

  1. Dark Canvas – Jody Summers
  2. Ten Years Later – Lisa Marie Latino
  3. Apparitions – Rebekah S. Fiore
  4. Love on Ocean Drive – Aubrey Parr
  5. At Close Range – Laura Griffin
  6. Halfway Dead (Halfway Witchy # 1) – Terry Maggert
  7. Ascension – Hannah Rials
  8. Claimed –  Sarah O’Rourke
  9. Mercy – Natalie Bennett
  10. You Drive Me Crazy –Anna Premoli
  11. No Good Dead – Dana Volney
  12. Loving You Like a Rubber Band – Isra Tabassum
  13. Inevitable Ascension – V. K. McAllister

February TBL:

  1. The Billionaire’s Touch (The Sinclairs # 3) – J.S. Scott
  2. The Sheikh’s Diamond (Sheikh’s Wedding Bet Series #1) – Leslie North
  3. Revenge (Secrets and Lies # 1) – Lauren Landish
  4. Halfway Bitten (Halfway Witchy # 2) – Terry Maggert
  5. Halfway Hunted (Halfway Witchy # 3) – Terry Maggert
  6. The Alienation f Courtney Hoffman: A Novel – Brady Stefani

When I see all these titles I am not very confident, but we’ll just have to wait until my February wrap up J That’s it for now, thank you for visiting and remember to leave a comment below or a link to your February TBR.


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