Book Review: More Than A Slave

About the Book:zzz

Title: More Than a Slave

Author: Anaelle Gadeyne

Published: March 8th 2017 by Inkitt

Received: from the Publisher, in exchange for a honest review

Format: .mobi


Alexander Anderson has a reputation that would strike fear into the heart of the devil himself. And now, Aria Starbird is his property.

Aria has spent only a few months as a lowly slave, but already her happy childhood memories were starting to fade under the weight of her brutal existence.

When she is sold to Lord Anderson at an auction, she cannot help but be afraid. Lord Anderson is known for his cruelty. He is fiendish and handsome and as wicked as he is wealthy.

However, as she gets to know her new master, she realizes there is more to him than meets the eye. Over time, she is able to penetrate his tough exterior, and begins to understand the struggle of a man who believes love is a weakness, but whose heart is now yearning for something unknown.

As the two let down their walls and discover each other’s truths, will Aria be able to tame Alexander’s inner-beast?

My Review:

Oh, yes. Another great book, at least to my taste in Romance. I loved it mostly because it has a lot of action and I did not feel the boredom set in at all. I do have some small things to complain about, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Here goes my review:

Aria has been a slave for some time now. Her family decided to sell her so they all can lead a better life. They did not expect their daughter would be treated with violence and tortured, not only physically, but also mentally. Through it all, Aria has maintained her pride as a free woman and still kept her hopes of someday become respected again. When her first master decides to sell her, she hopes of a better life, at least one in which she will be shown some small amount of respect. She ends up in Alexander Anderson’s home, the most feared man out there. However, Alexander feels a connection with the young woman. Will his heart melt over time, with Aria’s help? Will she be the light missing from his life?

The action is well developed. It has many funny moments and is not dull at all. The relationship between the main characters evolves gradually, even if there is this instant attraction from Alexander’s side. The only observation I have is that there are too many coincidences, if I can call them like that. Someone is always at the right time, at the right moments to overhear a conversation. On one side, this is good, since it keeps thing simple, but on the other it tends to be rather exaggerated.

In regards to the characters, Aria is a very strong woman. She has been through a lot, she has her own demons and nightmares to battle with. But through it all, she has managed to keep her head up, be brave and stand up for her beliefs. I can say I admire her will to keep fighting. I was expecting more from Alexander. He is feared by many, even by members of his family. However, he quickly bends to the wishes of his new slave and to his desires to offer her comfort.

To sum up, I loved this book very much, is a good start for a series. And I am looking forward to read more about the other Adersons, especially the lost brother.

About the Author:yyy.jpg

My name is Anaëlle. I’m French and I’m a 19 year-old student. At the age of 15 I started writing fanfiction. Since most of the story lines were in English, I wrote in French and used Google Translate to translate my entire story. It was a disaster, but I kept trying and with time I started needing to translate less and less. And then one day, I didn’t have to use it at all! After some time, since my fanfictions were well received and popular, I decided to try writing an original story, More Than A Slave. I’ve always dreamed of getting it published, and now, it’s not a dream anymore, Inkitt decided to publish my novel and I couldn’t be happier.
I love watching TV shows and reading romance. I could spend the rest of my life reading and writing romance.

You can find me on social media:
Facebook-> @authoranaellegadeyne
Instagram-> @anaellegade

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