Book Review: Texas Roze

About the book:texas

Title: Texas Roze

Author: Iris Sweetwater

Published: February 21st 2017 by Iris Sweetwater

Source: Received from the author, in exchange for review

Format: ebook


Roze had everything a 23-year-old girl should want; a great relationship with her zany mother, an amazing career where she got to meet some of the world’s top celebrities, a high-rise apartment in L.A., and a hot boyfriend. But Roze was bored with being the girl everyone was jealous of, and her opportunity to try her hand at being someone else came with the phone call from a lawyer telling her that her father had passed away; the father she had stopped visiting for some reason after she turned 12. He had left her his ranch in Texas to share ownership with her step brother who she hardly knew.

So, Roze did what any other woman would do in her predicament; pack up her life in the city and head to the ranch to find herself. Though, along the way, she may find a man….or two, as well as the father she didn’t get the time to know

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My Review:

Sometimes, even if you have more in hand than the average person, you desire something different, something challenging that will push your limits. This is what this book is all about: having the courage to start over in a completely new scenario. I believe iris Sweetwater has done a great job presenting this theme. This is my first book by this author and I liked her writing style very much.

In “Texas Roze” we met this young woman leading a great life in LA, a life one would consider perfect. But for Roze, something was missing. When she finds out she has inherited farm in Texas, she jumps at the chance to change her lifestyle. She also finds out she will co-own the farm with her stepbrother. With regrets of not spending more time with her father, Roze hopes she will get to know him better by living a life close to what he loved.

And with this decision, Roze stars a new chapter in her existence, trying to prove herself worthy of the inheritance she has received. She finds moral support and much more in Jake, her brother’s best friend. The connection between them evolves gradually and both try to make their attraction the real thing. Even if we see quite enough of this lovely couple, I fell the focus is more on the family aspect than the romantic one.

For Todd is difficult to accept Roze as a partner. He sees her as an intruder, waiting to collect on what their father has built. He wants to chase her away and prove to everyone she is nothing but a shallow city girl. For me, the relationship between the brother and the sister was much better and received a higher attention.

Maybe because of the short length, I sometimes felt that some scenes were rushed or that some others deserved more info, or more insight. The subject touched deserved many pages more. Other than that, I have nothing to complain.

This was a quick and easy read, which combines very well family with romance. I would like to thank the author for the complimentary copy, Iris Sweetwater is a lovely author and I can’t wait to read more of her works.


About the Authoriris

I have been writing since I was just 4 years old, starting with poetry and short stories. Writing has always been in my blood, and I began writing as a professional in marketing and ghostwriting almost 7 years ago. After writing thousands of things for others, I decided it was time to share my own things with the world. I hope to start doing this full time and be at least somewhat of a success.




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