Book Review: Fade

About the book:Fade


Title: Fade

Author: Haley Ladawn

Published: July 5th 2017 by Inkitt

Source: Received from the publisher, in exchange for a review

Format: ebook


“Fade away or fade into me,” he said, setting his warm hands on my waist. “Either way, you’re going down. It’s just a matter of how you want to get there; by my hand or by yours.”

It’s been two years since Lilly lost her best friend to a vicious random shooting. Now, after a prestigious university extends her an offer of study, she has the chance to start afresh and leave all her demons behind. But the last thing she expects is to meet Elliot.

He’s a criminal. She’s hasn’t broken a rule in her life. He’s Italian. She’s American. He’s mean. She’s nice. He’s like coffee, dark and bitter. She’s like tea, light and sweet.

Together they embark on a dangerous and thrilling adventure together of love, loss and self-discovery which will rock the foundations of Lilly’s life forever. She knew who she was going in, but will she be the same coming out?

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My Review:

Usually I am all in when it comes to books recommended by the Inkitt team. But somehow Haley Ladawn’s book is not at all to my liking. I had many issues with the story, there are parts I did not understand or that do not stand well with me.

The plot starts quite well, with Lilly applying for a job at a university. Turns out the one who is supposed to be her boss is actually involved with the Mafia. As the blurb also suggests, they have absolutely nothing in common. For the most part of the action, I had the impression they cannot stand each other. Elliot has very short moments where he shows just the slightest glimpse of humanity. Lilly was indeed gentle and innocent and definitely did not deserve the mean and rough treatment she received from him. I did not understand why did he have to treat her so bad and offend her. And I did not understand how she could develop feelings for him. Most of the time she wanted to escape.

The dead boyfriend stuff was weird (cannot develop, because of spoilers) and also there was a scene involving Elliot’s twin brother which was … not needed. I don’t know, this book was just not for me. The writing was great, Haley Ladawn knows her way with words. I just think the plot was too much for me.

To keep this short, while the book is intriguing and kept me wrapped up in the action, I feel I only paid attention because I wanted to see how much could our main character endure. Even if “Fade” is not a book that I would gladly read again, I am looking forward for other books by this author.

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