Book Review: The Sugar Baby Club

About the book:The Sugar Baby Club

Title: The Sugar Baby Club

Author: Teresa Lo

Published: 2017

Source: Received in exchange for a review

Format: ebook


Sick of “hanging out” and hookup culture, college freshman Jasmine Lewis decides to try out a new kind of dating—sugar dating. After watching a documentary about sugar daddies, she and her roommate Kita Okoye sign up for Searching Sweet Sugar, a sugar dating site that promises to change young girls’ lives for the better.

After meeting a few salt daddies, terrible men who abuse the system, Jasmine and Kita land the sugar daddies of their dreams, men who shower them with money, Louis Vuitton, and vacations. Their newfound, glamorous lifestyle attracts the attention of girls in their residence hall, and soon, Jasmine and Kita find themselves running a makeshift dating agency from their dorm room.

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My Review:

Well well what do we have here this is one book that reflects a reality we may be too quick to judge. It is an interesting perspective that may change your opinion on certain people.

So the Sugar Baby Club came to exist from the desire to satisfy two type of needs, as it is very well described in the book: young girls’ need to have money and enjoy a privileged life and mature men to feel young again and spend some quality time in the company of a beautiful lady. Jasmine and Kita start enjoying sugar dating and soon their lifestyle visibly changes, this attracting the attention and interest of other colleagues. We are offered an understanding of each girl’s motives and objectives, all leading to an outcome that will leave you thinking:  is this really a bad thing? I know, but read the book first.

Each girl has her own issues at home. Where Jasmine’s family seems not to care that much for their daughter, Kita’s father is very strict when it comes to his daughter’s education. Both girls dream of going to Paris and start an independent life. Social dating should be a money only thing, no woman should be involved. So I can say that this book deals with several family issues.

Life is hard. And if you aren’t really invested, you give up when is no longer easy.

From the romance perspective, indeed the focus is more on the money than feelings. It’s quite clear they date for money and only guys that can offer a considerable allowance. But if this issue raises a lot of questions: is it ok to do it even if one starts to care for the sugar dad? Where is the limit between what they are doing and prostitution? I would say it depends on which side you are.

The writing is very easy and funny. The way the author has decided to open the story is quite catchy. I appreciated being offered to see how the other girls handle their dates, so the multiple perspective was good. Though the jump between first and third person is a little confusing. The girls’ lack of experience and naivety were not as believable. One should assume that at 18 or 19 years old, one knows to expect the worst in men. I didn’t appreciate that.

To close up even if I do not agree with dating someone just to satisfy a financial need and some may argue that “The Sugar Baby Club” encourages such activities, I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read that raises questions. So a 3.5 stars for the story and characters. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Sugar Baby Club

  1. Great review, which chalenges moral issues. The Sugar Baby Club sounds like a fun read. The story certainly sounds as if it is based on real life; students nowadays have to make some hard choices in order to pay for their university education. I absolutely adore the book cover.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yup, I fully agree, As for the cover, I like it as well, it captures the essentials 🙂 Thanks for the comment


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