Book Review: Broken Branches

About the book:broken branches


Title: Broken Branches

Author: M. Jonathan Lee

Published: July 27th 2017 by Hideaway Fall

Source: ARC received from the publisher

Format: paperback


‘Family curses don’t exist. Sure, some families seem to suffer more pain than others, but a curse? An actual curse? I don’t think so.’

A family tragedy was the catalyst for Ian Perkins to return to the isolated cottage with his wife and young son. But now they are back, it seems yet more grief might befall the family.

There is still time to act, but that means Ian must face the uncomfortable truth about his past. And in doing so, he must uncover the truth behind the supposed family curse.

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My Review:


I was so excited when asked to review this book, especially since I was contacted by Hideaway Fall and kindly gifted a paperback copy long before its release. So here I am, with my review.

Let me start by saying that Jonathan Lee’s story is not only addicting and gripping, but also extremely vivid (I will explain it later on) and so intense. I am not that much into horror and mystery but this.. was great!

Most part of the story we are seeing Ian struggling to understand if the curse that is said to have been following his family for generations is actually real. He has to face his past so he can build (or rebuild) his future. His despair, his messy mind and thoughts are his only allies it seems. Even his wife appears to have abandoned him in his obsessive search. I will not get too much into the story as I am afraid I will spoil some details, but I can (and must) comment on some other aspects.

The author has decided to alternate between two timelines. We see Ian’s childhood and Cobweb Cottage, his relationship with his brother and parents, but as well how he deals with his own family. Having an insight into our main character’s upbringing sheds some light into his mind and personality. We have a history of mental illness that is in the Perkins family for many generations, in some cases ignored, but later treated with the seriousness it deserves.

Throughout the book, we have this constant switch between what is real and imagination. Ian will doubt his own mind, he will create his own ties with the strange things that happen around the house. This battle, the main character’s fight to maintain his grip on reality is very well presented.

I left for the end of my review the thing I most liked: the writing, with all the descriptions, the attention to details. The author is creating such vivid images; I could see in my mind what he imagined when writing „Broken Branches”. It also helped that I myself have an old tree in front of my window J

There are many other items that I could insist upon (like how we get to see Rachel’s insight on her husband’s attitude in the end), but I will only mention again how much I enjoyed reading this book and how amazing the entire story was written.

I would like to thank Hideaway Fall for giving me the opportunity to be part of the release team for „Broken Branches” J

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