Book Review: Soul Awakening

About the book:soul

Title: Soul Awakening

Author: Paul Lonardo

Published: May 24th 2017 by Inkspell Publishing, LLC

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: ebook


Something otherworldly is happening in a small Texas town.

As a small Texas town mourns the tragic death of its high school football star, Alecia is struggling to adjust to life without the boy she has dated since sixth grade and thought she would be with forever.

When Braden comes to her as an apparition, she finds herself falling for Riley, Braden’s best friend and teammate. Has Braden returned to spy on her, or for some other reason?

Alecia’s not sure, but she soon realizes she must find a way to accept Braden’s death and welcome love back into her life, or risk losing everything.

The Power of Secret Love changes everything…

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My Review:

It’s incredible how, in less than 70 pages I managed to cry, be enraged and hope again for and with the main character. the author did such a great job with Alecia and her emotions, that everything she was going through managed to reach me – the reader.

After her boyfriend’s death, Alecia feels lost and more alone than ever. She and Braden have been together since sixth grade, they shared a numerous amount of moments, some of which she remembers throughout the book. She has a very difficult time accepting his passing and only when Braden’s spirit appears, she starts focusing on life again. A love that reaches from beyond to help her living and hoping again. I loved it!

Alecia will become moral support for Riley, Braden’s best friend. She will help him move on from his grief and guilt and encourage him not to give up on his dreams. Riley on the other hand will be the only one to understand her loss, he will be the only one she could talk to. With a mother unable to comprehend her daughter’s feelings, Alecia will have to lean on her boyfriend’s ghost and his best friend.

Paul Lonardo’s story has a very powerful message. One can still hope for the best after a terrible loss. One should honor that person’s memory, by living a life in the most beautiful way possible.

Suffice to say “Soul Awakening” deserves my 5 stars. I was so lucky to have received a complimentary copy in exchange for my review and I cannot wait to read more by this author.


About the Authorpaul


Paul Lonardo has published both fiction and non-fiction. He has had titles excerpted in Reader’s Digest and reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly.

FROM THE ASHES became the basis of a 2013 documentary web series, THE STATION, which he produced. Paul was interviewed as part of NBC’s documentary program featuring the true crime story depicted in his book CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

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