Unboxing: Indiscretion


Hey Guys,

Another week has ended and I do hope you had at least a week as good as mine! I have received a package these days and only today I could open it. I know what I’m supposed to receive, but let’s see together what I’ve got here:

Step 1: Getting all emotional about the package:


Step 2: Acting like a professional, not tearing through it, for the sake of documentation:


Step 3: Finally uncovered:



Yes, my dear friends, this is “Indiscretion” by Hannah Fielding !!! I was contacted by the author to provide a review and she graciously sent me a review copy, which I am very excited for!  Look at this cover, and look close. It has such amazing details and such an amazing combination of colors!


I love it so much and I would like to thank the author for this lovely copy! I am starting right away, got almost 500 pages to go through 🙂 I’ll let you know during next week how it goes!

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