Audiobook Review: Blueprint for a Kiss

Author: Nancy Warren

Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt

Length: 5 hours 23 minutes

Publisher: Ambleside Publishing⎮2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Take A Chance, Book 3

Release date: Apr. 30, 2015

You can design a perfect life, then a woman comes along and messes it all up!

Prescott Chance is the go-to architect for the wealthy and famous, which has made him more wealthy and famous than he’s ever wanted to be. He turns down more commissions than he accepts and is extremely private.

Holly Legere is barely making ends meet between rent and student loans. As an assistant to Alistair Rupert, the notoriously difficult industrialist, she works night and day for slave wages, hanging on in hopes of a promised promotion in his huge organization. When Alistair Rupert’s wife decides she wants a Prescott Chance-designed house, and Prescott turns her down, it’s Holly’s job to make the choosy architect change his mind. And Holly is a very determined woman. In this modern romantic comedy, she’ll go to any lengths to get him to design her boss a house, including pulling in his huge family for support.

This is the third book in the Take a Chance series, though the books stand alone.


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Narrator Bio

Teri Schnaubelt is an award-winning audiobook narrator and actor who has voiced nearly 200 audiobooks as well as many commercials and corporate videos. She mainly works from her home studio in the north Chicago suburbs and keeps in touch with the rest of the world via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Time for another ausdiobook review from the “Take a Chance” series. After 3 books, I can say I like Nancy Warren. She has her way with magic around couples and knows what is needed to complete their relationship. The thing that I mostly appreciate is how her characters are not hysterical women or men with a complex. They are adults, in all the proper meanings of the word, at least in these first books I’ve tried.

“Blueprint for a Kiss” is no exception. Prescott’s story is one of success. He has worked so much to put his memories behind and be a normal child, with his new family. He has found success doing what he likes most, like all the Chance members. Designing a house, a home, by examining the land and making it so the environment accepts the new building. That’s his purpose. However, Holly Legere comes and twists his mind.

At a first glance, they cannot be more different. He needs quiet, isolation, no phones, no social media or other distractions. He needs tranquility for his mind to work. She has a boss who just won’t stop calling. He lives stress free, she is beyond stressed. He likes class, order, she is messy. But their story is one of alignment, of fine tuning if I can put it like that. They find a compromise. They manage to meet at one point in their relationship so that it works out. This is the beauty in this book.

As in the previous books, I cannot say anything bad in regards to the narration. I like it and by now I feel comfortable with Teri Schnaubelt and with her style. I wished she could have differentiated better between the male characters, but it was ok. The same, I wished for a not so sudden ending.

But I did like Holly and Scott’s story, I liked the idea behind this couple. Yes, I would have liked a more in depth analysis of his past, but the point is that we have to focus on the future and make it as beautiful as possible. 5 stars J

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Nancy Warren. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.



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