Book Review: Hard Drive (Tech Titans #1)

Hard Drive
Tech Titans Series Book 1
by Marcella Swann
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Can I tame the Bad Boy Playboy of Silicon Valley?
Damian Black: He’s gorgeous and knows it.
A titan of the tech industry and not yet 30.
Models and starlets are his for the taking.
A billionaire.
And so very good at being bad.
I tell myself I don’t want him even though I do, in the worst way.
But I’ve got a secret that could ruin everything.
Gigi Stevens: She’s brainy and beautiful and has a tongue as sharp as an
ice pick. 
I’m the face of a multi-billion-dollar tech company and I’ve got a rep.
I’m used to shallow and superficial but that’s not her.
That’s not her at all.
And it throws me.
Is something real worth the risk?
There’s only one way to find out.
It’s a dangerous dance:
Will she tame the Bad Boy or will she be the one who’s conquered?
**Only .99 cents!**

My Review

While this book is a love story that happens in a shot amount of time… and pages, I see it as a little more, maybe because both characters have flaws and personality traits I am not crazy about. I am trying to see this as a positive thing. Let me explain a little what I mean by that.

Damian and Gigi meet at a party organized by him and his major tech company. The meeting, while accidental, has an important effect on their hearts. None can escape thinking about the other. So, at some point, Damian takes her away to lunch, at 10 PM. The book explains it all, I won’t get into too much, as I’ll end up spoiling it. During this short amount of time, they eat, they talk, they get to know each other better and … things move south.

Probably because this is a novella, we do not get a significant plot development, but we see enough about the characters to view them interesting. Damian’s ego is as big as his empire. The author gives us info about how he and his partners started, but he is the one most aware of what power can do. He pushes the limits of his influence and is not ashamed to admit it. Gigi has had a difficult upbringing and because of that, she has left her family behind once collage began. She has never looked back since then and is ashamed of her origins (family and accent included). In a way, they are both being someone they are not. Damian is actually a pretty nice guy and she is not as innocent as they come.

I wanted a little bit more. I  wanted more plot development, I wanted a bigger conflict and a less rushed conclusion. But it was a very fun read and I enjoyed my time with “Hard Drive” (don’t quite get the title yet though). The writing is beautiful, with funny moments that made me enjoy it even more. All in all, I am giving this book 3.5 stars and I am looking forward for what’s next in the series.


Marcella Swann is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of heart-thumping and
heart-melting contemporary romance. She’s plied her trade in the
newspaper business, written and produced a way off Broadway play, and
is the proud mama of a singer-songwriter. When she’s not trying to
save newspapers from eminent doom (by subscribing to them all), she
loves to take her readers on dreamy journeys to that place where all
the men are hotties and the women are beautiful and strong. She also
swings a mean kettle bell at the gym and likes people watching at
Grand Central on a busy day. 
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