Time for Pixels

How often do you manage to see the beauty in the world around you? Is your soul open to the colors and perfection at every step? With this series of articles, that’s our aim. We want to give you a glimpse into this wonderful world and show you the amazing in little things. I am partnering with my special someone to share with you our love of nature and places.

Emotions behind the lenses of a camera. We bring you our Time for Pixels series – photos ment for your soul.


Feels like yesterday we were back from the beach, with the waves still singing praise to the Summer. Then we became flooded with Autumn’s yellows and browns. The leaves rustle and sing a new verse of our year.

A million sounds quiet in an instant. A new season is close. Nature gathers together for one last musical note. It’s too soon for this, mate! To soon for Winter to come.

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