Happy Anniversary!

3 years have passed already and so much has happened. I can barely say I know how to handle a book blog, let alone write a proper article. There are so many amazing books out there, there is so much to talk about and I have not even scratched the surface.


What happened in one year?


Well, first and most important thing is that I have learned my lesson and I can say I know how to manage my time. I know what I want from my blog and I know where I want to take it. I have met incredible authors from whom I have learned so much and I have discovered incredible books. Readathons, book groups, buddy reading, author reader groups, interactions with amazing people and contacts with publications: this is what happened in one year. LBW is growing and so does my dedication and affection for this world I love so much.

Where are we?

This little world of mine expanding and I feel more confident and mature. You will see many more fun facts, interesting articles (I hope) and more bookish news. Even if one of my resolutions is less book tours, this does not mean less book reviews, just more unique content. So we will have a stronger personality 🙂 a blog with character – sounds nice!


What about you guys?

There is nothing more important than the followers. What I post here is for you, so that you can have an idea about a book or an author, or for each author and publisher to have one additional source of exposure. I hope I will be able to repay the time you spend reading these articles by investing more time in having the quality you would expect from a book blog. I am so grateful for having you guys along for the ride, I am so grateful you spend time with me here. For all the fellow book bloggers, keep up the great work you are doing and let’s engage, let’s work together to promote the books and authors we love so much!

Thank you for being around for another year, thank you for your nice words and encouragements and may your year be full of amazing things!

In the meantime, I’m celebrating my blog’s birthday 🙂 Happy Anniversary LBW!

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