Book Review: What a Lord Wants

What a Lord Wants
Capturing the Carlisles Book 5
by Anna Harrington
Genre: Historical Romance
Dominick Mercer, Marquess of Ellsworth, leads a double life. In public, he’s
one of the most respected peers in England. But in private, he’s
notorious Italian painter Domenico Vincenzo, a man known as well for
his scandalous lifestyle as his visionary paintings. He’s
determined to paint a masterpiece and put his real name on it, thus
freeing him from this dual existence that’s becoming difficult to
maintain. The problem? His model is the most unusual woman he’s
ever met and the only one fit for his masterpiece. And she’s
keeping secrets of her own…
Eve Winslow is determined to live life to its fullest by bouncing from
one madcap escapade to another. So when a misunderstanding brings her
to Vincenzo’s studio, she simply cannot refuse the adventure of
being his model, or his rakish charms. Soon Eve’s adventure turns
into scandal, and the only person who can save her is the same man
who causes her downfall—a man who refuses to put anything before
his art, including love.
Top pick! Sensual and arousing. Harrington spins her tale with care as
she gives her memorable characters a lively plot and depth of emotion
that captivates her fans, who can’t wait for the next chapter.”
RT Book Reviews on When the Scoundrel Sins
“The characters are fabulously crafted and gloriously complicated…the
author balances the dark with a light, witty humor and a sexual
tension that adds sizzle to every scene…How I Married a Marquess is
intense, satisfying, and cleverly unpredictable. Consider me a
freshly minted fan of Harrington’s style of happy ever after.”
USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog on How I Married a Marquess
“Harrington creates fast-paced, lively romances with unconventional characters
and plot. For her second novel, she adds heated sensuality and a
gothic twist. There is little doubt that she is fast becoming a fan
RT Book Reviews on Along Came a Rogue
**easily read as a standalone!!**
My Review

Oh, this is another book I could not put down. I loved the story so much and I still have a lot to discover in the series.

We have two amazing main characters, with a story that will leave you wanting more and more. Dominick has a passion. He finds his own peace of mind in painting and it’s all he ever wants to do. Still, in a time when society sees an improper action in very small things, he has to keep his passion a secret. But is his painting proper? Hmm…  I’ll let you tell me once you read the story.

Anyhow, Eve lives her life to the fullest, as the blurb says. When she ends up being his model, she is determined to go ahead with the deal, since she is not one to back away from a challenge. She is his spark, the perfect model for what he wants to transmit with his work. They go together so well.

Now, there is a link with the previous books in the series, however this did not affect my enjoyment, but only wanted me to find out more about the other characters.  Both Eve and Dominick leave close to a scandal, both have their true selves to hide. I loved how easy they come together and see their relationship evolve.

All in all, this is a great book, with amazing characters. I cannot wait to get my hands on the other books in the series! Anna Harrington is an awesome writer and her style grips the reader’s attention. Loved it, 5 stars!

I love good stories that end in happily ever afters, and if they’ve
made me cry along the way, even better. That’s why I love to write
romances and to share those special moments. Dashing heroes,
indepedent heroines, and romantic settings in a some English country
estate or elegant townhouse, perhaps a masquerade…all the things I
love about historical romances, all the things I hope you’ll enjoy
when you read mine.
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