Book Review: Home for the Holidays: Short Story by Eden Summers

About the book:Home for the Holidays_Eden Summers

Title: Home for the Holidays: Short Story

Author: Eden Summers

Published: November 30th 2019

Source: Received from the author, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Heath left Brooke years ago, severing their teenage romance without a backward glance.

 Now he’s back for the holidays and thinks he can pick up where they left off.

 Not if she can help it.

 He broke her heart once. She can’t let his cocky smirk weaken her defenses again.

 That is, until he tempts her with a Christmas gift she has no ability to deny.

 AUTHOR NOTE: This book was previously released as Down and Dusty – Brooke via Harlequin Escape. It has since been rewritten and revised. (less)

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My Review

This book is like a dose of your favorite chocolate, or a cup of hot chocolate (or your favorite coffee or tea) in a cold, cold evening! It’s a small story destined to warm you up inside. I loved it, as expected.

Brooke and Heath have a past she is not willing to bring back to life. Heath on the other hand has a secret he wants to share with her. A lot will happen in few pages. You will go page by page, wanting to learn what will happen, when and how.

Once again we see the amazing Eden Summers in action. Not many writers are able to give us a 40 pages story with a perfect rhythm. And, being also a master in endings, she gave “Home for the Holidays” that “wink” in the end. It’s like a spark when you least expect it.

I’m in love, I am happy and I am a fan 😊 Read, enjoy and love it 😊

Cover Review: I kind of believe that these two guys on the cover could have been better dressed (mostly because this book has a lot of heat, but not so much action – 40 pages and all), but the lights do remind us of Christmas and give a festive note to the book 😊 So I like it.

Favorite Quote: There was no breath. No words. Nothing but the taste of passion and the sensation of heavenly affection washing over her. She couldn’t get enough. 

 About the Authorcc1d8-eden2bsummers

Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm. Best known for the Reckless Beat series (which is Amazing), Inarticulate (this is a fantastic read!), and the Vault. But let’s not forget Hunting Her…  Eden Summers is not just a bestselling author, is a “MUST READ NOW” author!



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