Book Review: Savior by Eden Summers

About the book: Title: Savior (Hunting Her #4)

Author: Eden SummersSavior

Published: April 23rd 2020

Source: Received from the Author as part of her ARC team, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


I was stolen. Hidden. Trapped in a hell beyond salvation.

Until him. Luca.

The man who changed everything with his soothing words and vows of protection.
I shouldn’t trust him. What he promises is something I gave up on long ago. And yet here I am, falling under the spell of a reality I crave.

I want him to save me. I need it.

But I also learned long ago that the most ruthless men can hide behind pretty words and prettier faces..

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My Review

I am not sure what I love most about this book: The fact that we get to see Luca and Penny together, or the fact that we get to see behind the events in Torian. This was great! Too short for what I would have wanted to read in order to satiate my hunger, but great!

There are so many things I need to touch in my review, so I will start with the main characters. Luca and Panny had their first encounter in Book 3 and since reading that scene, I knew their story would be amazing. Luca is so captivated by Penny – her beauty, the fire he sees in her eyes, but also her fragility, her broken soul. He has to fight to get her to trust him. He works so hard for one true statement from her lips. At some point, he is torn and tired, but never stops being the savior. Penny is a scared soul. She doesn’t know who to trust and she has reached a point in which she cannot afford hope. Her hostility toward Luca is understandable, as well as her reaction when it comes to her family. She is definitely not the same woman and her scars are proof of that. Both our main characters are exceptionally built.

The action keeps the reader connected. I was reading each chapter, unable to put the book down because I felt connected to the characters, to the plot. If each of the previous books touched a sensitive topic, “Savior” focuses on women kept as slaves. They are abused, humiliated and mentally destroyed. If this is something that may upset you, I would suggest skipping the pages, or staying away from the story.  Penny learns to live with her captor. She makes an impossible choice in order to survive: accepts her faith and finds reasons to cope – being a mother figure for her tormentor’s son or acting like a protector for the other women.

I must mention how well Savior is intertwined with Torian. We see what happens in the other camp, how Cole Torian’s father plans his next moves, how he uses innocent people has shield and we also see now the glitch in his plans. Things come together now and the picture is complete.  It’s brilliant!

I have many other things to say about this book, but I will keep some of my thoughts for the next book in Luca and Penny’s relationship. There is still a lot to be written about these two and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.  This has been an amazing series so far and I do strongly advise you to check it out!

Cover review: This lady does not look like a Penny and, while I wanted Luca on the cover, the book is mostly about Penny and her trauma. So I appreciate the choice of a woman. But I wanted to see a fractured soul, not a seductress.

Favorite quote: (because it describes Luca’s feelings and Penny so well) “She undoes me with her determination despite the shattered pieces of her psyche I itch to place back together.”

5 stars

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Eden Summers is a bestselling author of contemporary romance with a side of sizzle and sarcasm. Best known for the Reckless Beat series, Inarticulate, and the Vault.
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