April Non-Bookish Wrap Up


April was a great month when it comes to my other activities. I think this isolation inspired me (best choice of words would be: “kicked my behind and made me move”) and actually got my slam wheels turning. I’ve sewn, not much, but enough to remember how to use the sewing machine and I have crocheted a lot!

Now, If I am determined not to start another crochet project before finishing the one I am currently into, I still have to implement this approach in sewing.  I finished 4 masks (I know it’s cliché these days, but I wanted to start with something simple that I can use later on). Regardless to say these were a bit of failed attempts or at least they did not turn out as nice and clean as I would have liked – I won’t post pictures because I am a bit disappointed. But “trial and error” is what they say.

beginning top

In terms of crocheting, I started a summer top. My hands itch for a doily right now, but I need to start working on tops! Plus, I really like them. I am not very fond of the patterns I am working with at the moment, but it’s a great start to remember my measurements and to stay on track with a big project. I have a target from my other half to finish it by Thursday (I work best with due dates, imposed by others) and I am proud to say I am on track! I cannot wait to share the finished version with you.

May is full of plans. I have a list in place with things I want to complete and I hope I will be able to achieve them all, between book blogging and my job. Until my next article, enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “April Non-Bookish Wrap Up

  1. I’ve been working on one, too, (although, I knit, not crotchet). But I have to admit, the hotter it gets, the less I want anything but t-shirt material on me. *fans self* That said, I’m looking forward to seeing this top when it’s finished, Lilly!


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