Book Review: A Favor for a Favor by Nat Chelloni

Title: A Favor for a Favora_favor_for_a_favor_nat_chelloni


Author: Nat Chelloni


Published: August 28th 2020


Source: received from the Author in exchange for an honest review


Type: e-copy




A time for love can’t be more deadly…


Julia Leonardi thought she put her past behind her. The widow of a mobster, all she wants is to steer clear of the criminal elements. Then she meets Domenico Bonacci…


Dom is handsome, charming, and intense. The world knows him as a prominent businessman, but Julia sees him as everything she fought to escape.


Once the scion of a powerful Mafia family Dom left the world of organized crime after his father’s death. And he swore he would never go back.


No matter how hard she tries, Julia can’t seem to ignore the powerful spark of attraction between them and her growing feelings for him. But when Dom’s shady past catches up with him, the two forbidden lovers find themselves trapped in a deadly game.


Will Dom renege on his vow and lose the woman he loves, or he will manage to break free of his past for once and for all? 



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My Review

I was mentioning in one of my previous reviews that I have not read as many mafia romances as I would have liked. Well, I was lucky enough to receive a copy of “A Favor for a Favor” from the author and what a great read it has been! I was captivated from the opening scene and I could not put it down. It was an addictive read.

The story is told on the third person, from our main characters’ perspective. This was refreshing and somewhat help me have the full picture. Julia has done her best to be as far away from the Mafia world as possible. After losing her husband in mysterious ways, she is now focused on making her business a success. However, a family incident brings her to Domenico Bonacci’s club. Their first encounter is fiery, to say the least, with both characters trying to act as bold as possible. True emotions will quickly come to light however.

I loved how Julia and Dom interacted, but especially how he was trying to mix his own affairs with convincing Julia of his feelings. I would divide the story in two parts. The first one is mixing romance, action and politics with Dom being on top of both. I see him as the center of the book, with Julia being more of a love interest. The second part is centered more on the political side. Both parts are entertaining and kept me on the edge.

As much as I loved the characters and the plot, I must mention that it was a bit difficult to keep track of all the families and connections. It would have been easier having like a genealogy tree with each member belonging to which family or fraction. At some point I was a little lost among all the political interests. Another thing that made me decrease my rating was the ending. For how well the biggest part of the plot was developed, I would have expected a more complex ending, with more action.

Overall, this was a great debut novel. Nat Chelloni is a fantastic writer and I cannot wait to read more from the series. I think I have an idea of who we will have next, but let’s see if I’m right 🙂 Keep your eyes out for this book, as well as the next ones, I’ll sure be doing that 🙂

Until next time, happy reading! 

Cover Review: Here is where I may have an issue. I am not very fond  of the cover. It does remind me of old mafia movies but it’s too much like those old ones. Dom is the center of the cover, Julia comes in a small corner – I would expect her to be at his side though. The colors are aligned and create a balanced image.

4 stars

About The Author


Nat Chelloni is a TV personality, a screenwriter, a film critic, an avid book reader across all genres, and now a published author of a debut novel A Favor For a Favor.

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