Back to the Roots

…or me, just putting pen to paper again


You know who they say that when you get lost you need to return to where it all started? That all the answers lie in the beginning? Well, I got lost! I lost myself in plans, in wishes, in books or even in people. I lost my devotion to what I love most and I lost my dreams of that perfect… chapter. So I went back to where I started as a reader.

Let’s talk about Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Ok, go ahead, hate me or blame me all you want but I adore this series so much, or better yet, I adore how it made me feel while reading it or when I ended one book in the series. This was my starting point as an avid reader, because I devoured each volume like a bottle of cold Coca-Cola, no sugar, with lemon (yup, I’m an addict). My days were spent at the office, but my evenings and nights were spent with vampires, halves and hunters.

Then I realized I had nobody to talk with or about it and I discovered Goodreads. I wanted to be part of the community and talk about the series that messed me up so much. From here to blogging it was a simple but important step. It was putting myself out there for others to criticize my opinions or writing style. THIS was the most daring thing I’ve ever done. I’ve opened myself up to more reading, to committing to write articles, reviews or just write about anything and everything else. With every book I was finishing I was writing a page in this diary of mine that’s LBW. And I loved it, until I got lost. Hell (sorry!) even my browser no longer remembers my Goodreads password! It hasn’t been that long since my last post, but it’s been THAT long since I felt something.


So I went back to Vampire Academy and what it meant to me. I dug out my notes, dusted my feelings, kicked myself virtually a few times and debated if I should stop or start all over again and commit to a decision. Just one series can do that to a person (granted, you’d have to be obsessed a bit…ok, a bit more… a lot actually). And here I am, trying to clean up my act, trying to feel again, read again and commit. I guess a “THANK YOU” is in order to Richelle Mead for getting me through my toughest times (two times already). And thank you for sticking with me still, after everything (yes, I mean YOU!).

This was not a book review, it was just me reopening a door I shut a while back. Book reviews will come soon and much more as well. For now, remember to enjoy every moment. Remember that beauty is in the eyes of the seer and that feelings are all around us. Just be open to the right ones. Dare to say yes. Until next time, happy reading!



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