2022 – Happy New Year!  

Happy 2022 bookish friends! I hope you’ll have an amazing year, will love, health, happiness and good people around! May each day smile upon you and may you discover 1000 other amazing worlds in the books you plan to read! 

I’ve drafted some of my bookish and non-bookish resolutions for the new year and hopefully I will manage to accomplish them. I’ve failed 2021 on so many levels. I’ve failed my book blogging activity, I’ve failed professionally and personally as well. At least more to the end of the year, I came to my senses, partially at least and I’ve established some goals:

Bookish Resolutions 

  1. Read and review 100 books: usually I would say “read at least 100 books”. Maybe I’ll surprise myself. 
  2. Increase my article diversity: a goal I had for 2021 but failed!
  3. Stay away from reading slumps: not yet sure how I’ll manage this
  4. Read more Fantasy: I would like to say I had this planned for 2021 as well, but it doesn’t matter. I hardly read anything last year… 
  5. Be consistent with my posting schedule: that’s a challenge. 

Non-Bookish Resolutions 

  1. Plan my days: I am the daughter of Chaos! If I don’t see my tasks for the day, I am lost! Lucky me, I found a pretty nice planner the other day in a library. It’s small, so I can carry it everywhere. No escaping ! 
  2. Continue developing my sewing skills: this means sewing constantly and also sewing something else besides the things I am comfortable sewing
  3. Be more productive at my daily job: yeah, next?
  4. Have stability, in my personal life: I wish I could give you details, but I’m not there yet.
  5. Grow my sewing business: I have a plan with a friend. Let’s see how far we can take it during 2022. 
  6. Linked with prior resolution: start a vision board for my sewing business. I am not sure how to start one but my favorite youtubers have some videos up which I’ll check for inspiration. 
  7. Leave the office at a decent time: could someone print this and mail it to me so I can sign it will blood? Cause I am not committing to this resolution otherwise!  
  8. Linked to item 1: organize my time so I don’t have to give up the things I enjoy. This means: time for my daily job, my sewing business, my blog and also my personal stability. 

2021 may not have been the best for me, but I plan on making 2022 better. The past is the past, we closed this chapter a few hours ago, time to write a new one. Be positive, be inspired and be amazing! 

Happy new year

Until next time (there WILL be a next time!), Happy Reading! 

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