Weekly Quote #22 


Happy new 2022 Monday!  

Happy new Weekly Quote article!  

I hope you all have started the week with a positive attitude and a good book. This is not just a new week, it’s the first of 2022, which means we have to make it amazing. I am definitely trying a new approach, with better vibes. Let’s see how long it lasts :)) 

Since last week I was telling you about Idol by Kristen Callihan, today I have two quotes from the second book in the series “Managed”. I a, telling you, this was such a delight! I will tell you more in my review, but until then, here are two of my favorite quotes: 

“Oh, I bet you’d find that marvelous; all of us helpless women just smiling and nodding. Though I’m afraid it would never work on me.” “Of course not,” he deadpans. “I’m stuck next to the one afflicted with an apparently incurable case of verbal diarrhea.” “Says the man who is socially constipated.”  

“You know, I’m not actually comfortable being an asshole to women.” “Really?” I say, biting the corner of my lip to keep from smiling. “But you do it so well.”  

Yes, it’s funny, with a bit of a serious side. It has a little of everything. Let me know in the comments if these quotes sparked your interest. My review will be up sometime this week 🙂  

Until next time, Happy Reading!  

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