Book Review: The Dating Game by Jenny Proctor (Brenna Jacobs) 

Title: The Dating Game (ABCs of Love #0.5) The_Dating_Game

Author: Jenny Proctor (Brenna Jacobs) 

Published: June 2021 by Four Petal Press 

Source: Apple Books 

Type: ebook 


Allie Carmichael is dating the wrong kind of man. To help Allie out of her dating rut, Allie’s sister, Cassie, challenges her to date 26 new men, all that have 26 different careers—one for every letter of the alphabet. 
When Eric’s neighbor, Allie, asks him for help with her new dating challenge, he’s reluctant to get involved. Mostly because he’d really like Allie to fall in love with him. She’s determined to finish out her dating challenge, but he’s a veterinarian. And V is at the end of the alphabet. 
Can Eric persuade Allie to abandon the list and see him as something more than just her best friend? 

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This is one of the best novellas I have read. Usually, I stay away from short books, mostly because the action happens very quick and I don’t have time to get used to the characters or to learn their stories. I admit that I am a bit scared of short stories. However, “The Dating Game” was a very pleasant surprise. The pace is perfect, we have enough background to understand who our characters are and we have enough action to become captivated.

Allie accepts her sister’s challenge to date outside her comfort zone, but she has to date guys with professions starting with each letter of the alphabet. She already covered “A”, for attorney. She has to find the rest. Since her friend and neighbor Eric is the guy who knows almost everybody in town, she asks for his support. Little does she know that Eric wants more than friendship between them. Too bad he’s a vet and has to wait an entire list of other guys until Allie can date him.  

What I mostly liked about this book is how comfortable it feels. The writing, while simple and easy, gave a cozy feeling and made me enjoy it even more. I had fun reading it and I felt every struggle our main characters went through.

Allie wants to find her special someone, a guy that can understand her commitment to her job, a guy that can be both polite and fun, good looking and intelligent, preferably not a dog owner. Eric wants to win Allie’s heart, but she must accept his two dogs Daisy and Bo. Slowly, he devises a plan and he counts on his two four-leg friends to help.

Cover Review: I like the colors and the fun and crazy that this cover depicts. The illustration works perfectly with the story. It’s a great choice.

Favorite Quote: “I ran because kissing Eric felt like finding my forever. And that is utterly terrifying.” Read more of my thoughts about this quote in my Weekly Quote article.

All in all, this was a beautiful book and my expectations were met almost completely. I would have liked to have a bit more fun during Allie’s blind dates, which is why I am not awarding my full 5 stars. Otherwise, I do encourage you to try it and let me know what you think about it.

Until next time, happy reading 😊

4 stars

About the Author:Jenny_Proctor

AFTER A RECENT MOVE to Charleston, SC I’m learning to love the beach as much as I love the North Carolina mountains where I grew up. It’s a little hotter here in the low country, but I’m embracing the heat and all that comes with it. I love to spend time outdoors with my husband, Josh, our six children, and a growing assortment of pets. But also? I love hanging out at home with a great movie or a favorite book and eating delicious food that, when I’m lucky, I didn’t have to prepare myself.

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P.S.: you can read more of my thoughts about The Dating Game in my Moody Melon article



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