Weekly Quote #25


I haven’t read any book by Colleen Hover since “Slammed” #1 (here’s my review, from 2016). “Slammed” was published in 2012. This is my one and only book that I’ve read so far by her. I absolutely adored this book. I think it was the first review I’ve ever written, probably not the first I’ve published. You may ask yourselves why I haven’t kept up with her writing (or you may not ask yourselves this, but I’m gonna tell ya still).  Well, her books are so emotional, so deep and so full of meaning. It takes certain state of mind to properly enjoy them or to even write a decent review.

So I’m starting to catch up on her stories. Not because I’m in my right state of mind (hey, you have to be crazy to keep a job like mine and a book blog and learn to sew a decent garment for a potential sewing business), but because I’m behind. I’m behind with my reading. I need to catch up.

Ok, enough chit-chat. Today’s quote is from “It Ends With Us” by none other than Colleen Hoover! For those of you outside of the romance reader’s community (Hello, welcome, I’m Lilly), she’s awesome! I’m only in the beginning; there are tons of amazing quotes still to come.

There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.

I agree… We are all just people. We do what we can. We take the best decisions we can. They don’t have to be great. But who knows what the outcome would be? I always say our brains are not wired to take bad decisions intentionally. At some point, something seemed all right, which is why we took said decision. If, on the short or long run, it proves to be a bad one, that’s a bummer. We fix it (or take the pain, shut up, move on).

One week till Christmas, enjoy 🙂


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