2023 Resolutions

It is that time of the year again, the time for planning and hoping that 2023 will be full of accomplishments. I will not look back on what I was expecting for 2022. It’s pointless. The year was great in so many ways and terrible in others. I can say it was balanced in a weird way. I have high expectations in 2023. I know the year will be difficult, with a lot of challenges, but I hope to stick to my resolutions this time.

Bookish Resolutions

1. Be consisten in posting : for the last days of 2022, I’ve managed to post daily and I hope to keep this up in the next year.
2. Be more involved in the community: I have not been the best person at attending on line bookish events or book clubs, but I intend to change that effective immediately.
3. Be more active on Instagram: so far, I’ve been posting often enough and even shared some stories. I hope you’ll like my photos and follow me there 🙂
4. Be organized: I have tried to keep my books in order using Goodreads but it didn’t work for me. So I’ve switched to excel. It’s more familiar to me, as I am using it at work and it will help me generate some statistics.
5. Grow my beta reading activities: I want my blog to sustain itself financially and hopefully beta reading will do just that.
6. Diversify my articles: so far, I am posting a lot of book reviews. I like my reviews and I hope you like them as well, but I do want to add something else, to promote the authors in more ways than just a review.
7. Achieve my Goodreads reading challenge: I failed miserably this year. I will not allow this to happen in 2023!

Non-Bookish Resolutions

1. Keep the negative emotions away: I do not want to be upset because of things that I cannot control. This year I lost too much time disliking people and creating more negative feelings myself. I need to stop that. Life sucks sometimes and it’s allright. No need to make the things worse…
2. Clean up my act: I’ve been all over the place, physically and mentally. I need to stay in one spot and rebuild my solid ground. It will be difficult, but it has to be done.
3. Find my balance: I have a more than 9 hours job, I have a blog and I want a sewing business. There has to be a balance, otherwise I won’t get stuff done. There has to be a mental balance.
4. Exercise: so far I have been the worst at this, but it has to change. I did it for a short while and it made me feel good, felt good about myself. In the last 2-3 weeks I kept finding excuses not to exercise. Well… something else that has to change.
5. Grow my sewing experience (after steps 2 and 3 are completed) : I still have a lot to learn. I need time to practice and I need to let my inspiration run free.
6. De-clutter: I have so much stuff that I do not need or use, starting with clothes, books and unused notebooks. I need to make some breathing space in my closet, in my shelves and in my life in general.
7. Finish outstanding projects: my sewing space is filled with projects that I did not finish. This is linked to item no. 6, but it also means that if I start a sewing project, I MUST to finish it.
8. Maybe start a Youtube channel: I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I am not sure yet, but it is on the list somewhere.
9. Do more charity: I keep saying that “when I will have my own business, I will donate a lot!”. Why wait? I can do so much already. I know how to sew, I know how to crochet, let’s start there!

Judging by the number of non-bookish resolutions, it seems I have more work to do on the personal side of things. I know for a fact that 2023 will not be an easy year. It will start with challenges and with tough decisions. But all things will fall into place like puzzle pieces. There is order even in chaos, so there is always a weird order in life as well.

In a world that gets messier and uglier, with conflicts, political interests and natural disasters, be organized, be kind hearted, be patient and helpful. Be healthy and stay positive. Love and be loved. Have a beautiful 2023 and may you accomplish all your resolutions and more!


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