Yummy Addictions by Belle Davis

[I was given a digital edition via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review]yummy_1

This is book with some unexpected turns that had me at a loss in more than one occasion, but one that I enjoyed reading very much.

It captures the life of Valentina Zamora, a divorced woman trying to regain her self-confidence after a marriage with a man who only succeeded in diminishing her personality. Being an employer at a travel agency, she is sent on a one week trip to Paris and during the flight she is reacquainted with Jason Cooper, a handsome man she met three years ago at a bachelorette party. After spending some intense moments, they decide to meet again in Miami, after one week, given that their destinations were different – Jason was heading to a cruse starting in Barcelona. Once in the Parisian airport, they part ways. At this moment, I would have expected one of them to turn around and cancel his or her trip, but this does not happen.  Somewhere along the book, they see each other again, but I will not get into this part, as the way they meet again is quite nice and romantic I’d say.

From a writing perspective, the style is casual, with some funny lines as well. The story is divided in 18 chapters and everything is portrayed through Vale’s eyes.  There are some nice places in Paris being described, enough not to get the reader bored or tired. There are romantic parts, as well as erotic scenes, but nothing sickly. The word “yummy” appears often in the second part of the book and I think it’s a nice connection with the book title.

 The characters are as well very nice built. In this first book, we see more of Valentina’s life. After a marriage in which her self-esteem got worse, she tries now to restore it by experiencing as much as possible from a sexual perspective. If in the beginning she is mostly taking advantage of the opportunity to have such handsome man next to her, she will be faced to the choice of keeping it at a casual level, or actually give it a try. She is attractive enough to raise not only Jason’s interest, but as well that of Henri, the flight attendant. She indulges herself in shopping for nice clothes, as if trying to renew her appearance.


As for Jason, there is little information, gathered bits by bits. First thing we find out is that ever since their first encounter, he has been attracted to Vale. He will do everything in his power to keep her next to him on the long term, though he will give her the choice when time comes. He seems to be wealthy enough to spend money for and with her, but there is no clear information what his source is. He is strong, very good looking and with plenty of experience with women. Other than this, he remains a mystery, which I assume will be revealed in the second part of the story.

I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars, mostly because of the long teasing part (half of the book it seems like nothing happens), but also because of the Jason puzzle. The story is quite interesting and I can’t wait to read the next parts.

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