Frosted Cowboy by Charlene Ross

[I was given a digital edition for free, in exchange for an honest review]

I’ve been trying hard to find the right and most simple words frostedcowboyto explain why I was very much impressed by this book that it took me more then a week to put together this review. I think that the character is very well built and many readers will relate to her, to her failures and successes, to her trusts and misbeliefs.

The novel is devided in 37 chapters and the story is told from the main character’s perspective. The action developes on two levels: professional level and personal. Also interesting to mention is that the begining and end are simetrically built, so I can state that the author did not leave anything at random.

While struggling to get over her breakup with her five years fiancé, after a seven years relationship, Laney Delaney will be faced to take as well a decision concerning her career. It turns out her ex was having an affair for three years and the outcome of it is a pregnancy (imagine that!). Accused of misbehavior at work, she is fired and finds herself at a lost point, while realising that some of her friends were not what they seemed to be.

There is no other main character, there is actually no need. From boyfriend point of view, I was not sure with who she will end up. And to be honest, when i finished the book, I didn’t even care. I only wanted her to find her balance, to find som
e kind of peace of mind… for her sake, and for my own. Because her story is my own, because in her story there are parts of your own life as well.

Professionally, Laney is struggling to built up a small business after getting fired from her job as a designer for wedding dresses. She indulged herself in a carresr she did not want to persue, almost forgetting what her initial plan was: designing women t-shirts. Her first attempt fails but she does not give up, prooving she leant from her mistakes, evolving.

Suffice to say that I do award this book a total of 5 stars. I was very caught up in the story, i liked the writing, the lack of random conversations or actions that have nothing to do with the subject. I liked the symetry, the character, the name…. everything!

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