Desire and Deliverance by L. F. Whitaker

[I was given a digital edition for free, in exchange for an honest review]

If you combine an ex-military, a young girl, a corrupt politician with the dedesireanddeliverencesire for vengeance, maybe top it with some bullets and a very good writer you get (at least from me) a five stars book! I really liked the action and how both characters managed to let go of their past. Is like a journey to a cure for the dark and shattered souls.

Dean McKenzie poses as Jay Holt so he can get close to the man that condemned his brother to a comatose state. Working for an FBI investigation, Josh McKenzie digs to deep into Congressman David Daley’s affairs so he is shot to the head, leaving him brain dead. Being one of the most corrupt politicians, the only way for Dean to get close to him is to become one of his men. He has one shot for a face to face meeting if he delivers twenty-five year old Kelly O’Neil to him. Dean struggles not to care for her fate but his guilty conscience weights on him. Both of them having a tumultuous past, they will engage in a survival process that will lead to a release of the darkness in their soul.

With a very easy writing, I was captured by the action and the fight each character had with his or her demons. It is divided in twenty-six chapters plus a Twelve Months Later and told from Dean’s perspective. I must say that the author did a terrific job in adjusting to a male character. As well the balance between inside and outside battles is illustrated in a smooth way.


From characters perspective, Dean McKenzie is a very complex figure, with a lot of emotional issues. Having to care for his brother, he does his best to keep him alive and engages himself in a desire for revenge that does nothing but poison more his life. Being haunted by his kills while in the army, he will have to learn to let go of his ghosts and hate. When he kidnaps Kelly he tries not to be affected by her suffering, but his conscience won’t let it go, as he was never put in the position to harm an innocent. He becomes intrigued by her story and will alter his plans and decisions for her. Still, I believe a turning point for him is when he discovers her secret, and is that secret (won’t say, won’t spoil the fun) that pulls, or better yet pushes, him towards her. That secret will light a little candle in his heart and with Kelly, that lights will become Las Vegas!

Kelly has a dark past of her own, but her trauma resulted in her most precious possession. Due to this, she finds strength to overcome her fears and start making a decent living. She proves to be stronger than Dean, she is actually the one who tries to free him somehow. She is smart, determined, brave and devoted to protect her family.

As a conclusion, this book deserves at least my five stars. It has an action well defined, solid characters and a very accessible writing.  I will definitely try more books by L.F. Whitaker…

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