It’s a Wonderful Undead Life by R.E. Mullins

This is the top book on my vampire book list. I can tell you that I’ve read enough of those to give it 5 stars, as it is a very complex story with action, love, unexpected turns and forgiveness. I absolutely believe the author did a great job with the first book of the series called “The Blautsaugers of Amber Heights”.remullins

To give you a glimpse of the story: Cailey has had a difficult life; after her mother survived cancer, she died later in a silly car accident, then her husband cheated on her and now she is left with a significant debt. In the night of Christmas Eve she falls victim to a vampire seeking to destroy one of the most influential vampire families in the region by framing one of its members for creating a half-life being (an abomination for their community). Caught up in the war between the Blautsaugers and the Toltec, Cailey is willing to die to protect the innocent but soon will have to decide between her life and that of the Blautsaugers.

Written on the third person, the book contains a complex story, with no absurd stuff and many funny lines. There is a little bit of history as well, especially when the Blautsauger mansion is described. I loved how the first vampire was created and the glimpse inside their history. It all felt very real and authentic. Also interesting to mention is how the vampire community was organized, with a very strict set of rules and a council all of them feared. And at least in this first book it was not corrupt.


All characters are very well built, each having a role in the story or a part to play in the action. Cailey is a strong, independent woman, not used to lean on someone for help or moral support. Her friendship with Morgan is her most treasured possession and the fact that she’s not used to keep secrets from her is very visible in the book. The author maintained her humanity until the end, her bravery was exceptional but not supernatural.

Gabe’s life experience is nicely highlighted in comparison with his siblings. He tries to do well by his family and Cailey. The bond he shares with her is as new to him as it is for her. He will do whatever it is in his power to make her feel comfortable, not only when it comes to her passage from a life to another, but from there onwards as well. He is strong, determined, kind, polite, but ruthless when it comes to his loved ones.

I cannot ignore Rafe, Metta and Michaela, who are the spices of the book, as well as Morgan. Casiopeia proved to be a woman too, not only a feared ruler. Honestly, I could go on and on about them.

To my utmost delight, the ending is circular. I adore these types of closings for a story. In this case, I believe it comes as a “correction” to a beginning full of sadness that was Cailey’s life. It left me thinking: life is actually wonderful. Having the loved ones close, sharing special moments with them… this is what makes it worth living!

I am so lucky and I do recommend you try it as well! A big thank you and bigger congratulations to R.E. Mullins for this exceptional story.

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