The Hawaiian Trilogy by Libby Cole

[I received a free digital edition from the author in exchange for an honest review]

Oh my God! These three books were absolutely amazing. I am so lucky I got to read all three of them one after the other, because I couldn’t have waited to see how it all would end. This story is more than just romance; it also sends you to a nice trip around Hawaii. I felt the love, the passion, the sun, the wind and could even smell the sea. And I only have 5 stars to give!!!

To put in few words the subject, after her breakup, Kayla was only looking for some time to herself, just take a break from love, work or even home. She didn’t see anything wrong in engaging in an innocent flirt with a handsome tour guide. On his side, Jay tries to spend as much time as possible with her and takes her to some of the most beautiful places on the island. They both agree to keep it casual, to add this time to the list of precious moments of their lives. Love was not part of the schedule.


Kayla and Jay’s relationship evolves gradually. I can say everything evolves in a very gracious manner. There are three books in the series: Hawaiian Heartbreak, Hawaiian Healing and Hawaiian Homecoming. The titles are suggestive and in line with Kayla’s emotions. If in the first book we can see she is still affected by her breakup, the second finds her indulging in the arms of her new lover. The third book brings her back home.

It was strange how you could know deep in your bones that you had no future with a person, but still be hurt by their betrail.

About the characters, both are very complex and both grow throughout the book. Kayla had her heart broken. She needs time to heal after discovering her boyfriend was having several affaires. She felt betrayed, she was almost giving into the low self-esteem. Meeting Jay was like fresh air coming into her spirit. He helped her find balance, helped her release the tension and her inhibitions. On top, he provided a tour to some of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. Jay on the other hand, shortly after their first romantic encounter starts to give signs of wanting more than just a fling. However, he settles for less and hopes in these few days he will make her feel beautiful and loved.  They are mature enough to talk about their issues and solve their small quarrels as adult people do.

“I’ve always been terrible at fighting”, she whispered. “It’s like I get this emotional hangover. It leaves my stomach in knots, even when everything’s supposedly resolved”

“It’s OK”, he murmured back, “I don’t think anyone likes fighting”.

I love a book than enriches my knowledge. I learned many things about Hawaii and I felt part of their trip. I was on the Waikiki Beach, swimming close to a turtle, watched the sunset from the Diamond Head, traveled to Big Island and got close to the volcano. I did and experienced so many things. The author did a great job in presenting or better painting a vivid picture of the surroundings.

As a conclusion, I give this book (only) 5 stars. I loved everything, even the names of the characters. I recommend this book if you want to relax, enjoy a beautiful love story, have some fun and even travel to Hawaii. Thank you to Libby Cole for providing a copy!


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