2016 Wrap Up

Hey Guys,hny

This is my firs wrap up, so bear with me till I get my words going J 2016 has been quite an interesting year for me. I’ve started blogging about books, initially about the books I’ve came across. But soon I was flooded with review requests from authors I am now very lucky to have met – even if by e-mail or through the stories they write.

I also signed up with some of the greatest Book Promotion sites – they are a constant source of material for LBW so a big THANK YOU goes to them as well (check most of them out here).

Blogging about books has been one of my hidden desires since a young age. I now regret I’ve started so late! But regardless, the road to my One Year anniversary has not been easy. There were times I wanted to give it up because of lack of time; there were moments when I felt bad for not being able to keep a commitment. I’ve grown up, I’ve matured together with my small world of pages and chapters and I’ve made my own system to keep track of my TBRs, reviews, posts and everything.

I would have never imagined I’d have over 80 books read in one year (feel free to check them out here)! Over 80 reviews posted, most of them on Goodreads and Amazon as well. I’ve started being active on these sites as well and also NetGalley – on which I’m still growing up J Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to brag or anything. But 12 months ago I would have never imagined I would like it so much!

Not least on my mind, I would like to thank my followers for their support and all the visitors on LBW – THANK YOU for taking little of your time to scroll through my articles J

I wish you all a 2017 filled with accomplishments, happiness, good thoughts and a tons of health! Read books, drink some tea or … just do whatever brings you some small amount of comfort every day!

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